Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet

You just revamped your home with some brand new berber carpeting. Looks great! Now, how do you keep it clean? What is the best vacuum cleaner for berber carpet? Read on for some great carpet maintenance recommendations.

Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet

What Exactly is Berber Carpet?

Sure, you bought some new carpet that has a little bit of a strange name. Berber carpet. But what exactly does that mean?

Berber carpet is a type of flooring that is woven together into distinct loops and rolls. Typically, the color is light with some darker specks of color throughout the pattern. Berber carpet doesn’t just look cool in your home, it’s actually got a pretty rich history behind it. Berber carpet is a traditional weave that was brought into culture by the Berber tribe of North-Africa. These people came up with a unique crafting style that allowed them to create beautiful clothing and rugs. That’s where the Berber carpet gets its name. By taking the weaving techniques from the early African tribes, strings of yarn are looped together to create a durable yet stylish carpet to adorn your living room floors. Unlike typical household carpets that you see today, which are known as a cut pile carpet style, the material is not cut and left as a frayed end. While your Berber carpet is durable and a great choice, there’s some decisions you have to make when it comes to cleaning it.

What’s Berber Carpet Made of?

Berber carpet

Berber carpet is usually made up of nylon, olefin, or wool. If you want to keep yours looking fresh and flawless, finding the material is definitely a necessity. Certain materials may require different cleaning procedures and cautions.

The most common material for Berber carpet is nylon. This material is very strong and has a good stain resistance.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, olefin is a good route. Olefin carpets are cheaper and can have even more stain resistance than nylon Berber carpets. Unlike nylon, an olefin Berber carpet can withstand heavy chemicals. However, this kind of carpet is less resistant to damage from everyday use, no matter how much you clean it or be careful with it.

The final material on our list is wool. Of course, being the most natural material, wool is also the most expensive type of Berber carpet. Wool can be a very beautiful and soft carpet, but it will require a little more carpet maintenance than the latter types. You will need to be mindful about what chemicals you use to clean your wool Berber carpet.

What if You Don’t Know Your Carpet’s Material?

Can’t remember what your Berber carpet is made of? No worries. There’s a good way to figure out which type of carpet fiber you have. It might sound a little scary, but it’s called the burn test.

Find a little section of your upholstery that is out of sight and not very noticeable. Preferably, for Berber carpet, you want to find something that won’t disrupt the rolling pattern. Cut out a strand of carpet fiber for the test. It doesn’t have to be big, just enough to see what happens when you take a flame to it.

Grab a butane light and something to hold your carpet fiber sample. You don’t want to hold it with your fingers because of the risk of getting burned. It’s best to find a pair of tweezers. Light the fiber with your butane lighter and observe how the material reacts to it. If your strand curves away from the flame, that means that the material is a synthetic nylon or olefin. If the material doesn’t arch or let off much smoke, that means it’s most likely wool.

There’s ways to differentiate between the synthetics, too. If your sample has a sputtering flame and gives off a wax-like odor, your carpet is nylon. If the strand lights evenly and smells like tar, that’s indicating an olefin carpet.

Is a Special Vacuum Really Needed for Berber Carpet?

After exploring a little bit of history about your Berber carpet (and hopefully what material it’s made of), now it’s time to discover how to properly clean it. When looking to buy a vacuum cleaner for your Berber carpeting, there’s a few key features that you need to look for to ensure a properly clean carpet. Especially if your carpet is new, your old vacuum most likely isn’t equipped to handle Berber carpet. A typical vacuum might seem like the same as a Berber vacuum but there are small characteristics that can make or break your spring cleaning. If you try to use the wrong kind of vacuum cleaner, then you could risk improper cleaning and even carpet damage.

Do You Even Need to Clean Berber Carpet?

I mean, Berber carpet is supposed to be crazy durable and have great stain resistance, right? So, do you really need to clean it? Of course you do! Just like other carpeting types, Berber carpet can easily gather dust, hair, and crumbs in the rolls of its looping pattern.

Is Buying a Vacuum to Clean Berber Carpet Actually Worth It?

Yes, unfortunately. Regular vacuum cleaners run the risk of damaging your carpet by snagging or tearing the loops of the carpet fibers.

Not only that, vacuum cleaners that are designed around Berber carpeting are more likely to have the key features that you’ll need to get a good clean carpet. They’ll have a lot of adjustable functions that can provide you range with where and how you use your vacuum.

Berber vacuums also give better air filtering while vacuuming. These vacuums will keep the dust and irritants out of your home’s environment and in the tank of the vacuum cleaner.

Like most vacuums, special vacuums like those for Berber carpet should last around 7 years. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Cons of Buying a Berber Vacuum

If you’re a pretty busy person, chances are you don’t have much time to spend vacuuming your home. To solve this, you bought a robot vacuum. That’s a great idea, but not for Berber carpet. Handheld vacuums aren’t a great choice either. Both of these options have little suction and few settings that you can customize in order to suit your Berber carpet needs. So, if you decide on some Berber carpeting, you’re going to have to ditch the robot.

Pets are also another story. Berber vacuums typically aren’t great for cleaning up pet messes like kitty litter or dog hair. If you know that this is a common occurrence in your home, you might want to look into some other types of vacuums to have on hand in case of a pet mess.

Buying a Berber Vacuum

Berber Vacuum

You’ve decided to buy a Berber vacuum, good choice! Now, before you do, there’s some things you should research about vacuum features. In order to get a good clean carpet, your Berber requires some specialized characteristics.

Ideal Vacuum Cleaner Features

It sounds a bit overwhelming, but it’s quite simple. In fact, there’s plenty of vacuums out there that are made especially to clean Berber carpet, successfully eliminating most of the heavy lifting from your part. Now, all you have to do is look up some Berber vacuums and choose the one that has the best features.

Adjustable Suction Power

Generally, myself included, we tend to crank up the vacuum as high as possible to get the best clean out of our carpets. But that’s not so great for Berber carpets. So, an adjustable suction is a necessity when it comes to Berber carpet maintenance.

Since Berber carpeting is made up of constant loops and rolls of fibers, too much suction can damage them or disrupt the pattern in your carpet. Being able to control the power that goes into cleaning is a great tool to ensure that your Berber carpets stay fresh and attractive.

The more expensive vacuums will allot you a slider to precisely adjust the amount of power that you would like. This is of course ideal, but if those kind of vacuums are out of your budget, that’s okay too. Most vacuums come with a limited power toggle button or switch that can move between a few different levels of power. It won’t give you the range of a slider, but it will still get the job done.

Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Unfortunately, weight can make a difference when it comes to damaging your Berber carpeting. For example, olefin carpets are more prone to physical damage. So, the more weight and pressure that you apply to those olefin carpet fibers, the more likely you are to get a snag or a rip in the loops. A lighter vacuum will keep the pressure off your carpet and allow it to look flawless for longer.

Lightweight and clean spinning wheels are also important. It can be easy for a stray fiber or two to catch one of the wheels and pull the whole loop apart. So, make sure the vacuum glides and moves easily with high quality wheels before you buy.

Vacuum Head Adjustments

When cleaning your Berber carpet, it’s good to have a vacuum head height that you can adjust. This feature will let you lift the vacuum head off the carpet to avoid tears or snags while vacuuming. It’s an essential feature for Berber carpets.

Adjustable Beater Bar

A beater bar or brush is a device in most common vacuum cleaners that removes dust from carpets. However, this beater brush has a reputation for snagging Berber carpet so it’s a good idea to get one that can be adjusted.

Swiveled Steering

A mobile vacuum is always a great choice for any type of carpet, even for Berber carpet. Because of its looped design, having a flexible steering for the head of the vacuum is helpful when getting into those crevices of the Berber pattern.

Extra Attachments

Even the most basic of vacuum cleaners tends to come with an attachment or two. The more expensive ones will have nearly unlimited options. There’s a few good ones to keep in mind for different situations while choosing your new vacuum. These features will not only assist you in getting a better, thorough cleaning, but are also safe to use with your Berber carpets:

  • Crevice vacuum tool
  • Rotatable brush
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Pet Mess Cleaner
  • Re-washable filters
  • Dust Brush
  • Floor Cleaner

Most of these tools are common household vacuum attachments and shouldn’t be too hard to find. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can take this list and decide which attachments you need that are right for you. You may need more or you may not even need any at all! It’s all what you believe is best for your home.

Types of Vacuums That Are Good for Berber Carpets

There’s quite a few types of vacuum cleaners on the market. Some are geared towards other carpet types and may not be safe to use on your Berber carpet. Plenty of vacuum types are, though, and should be considered when you’re looking to purchase a vacuum.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners are the most common vacuums that are presented on the market. This is what most people would call a “traditional vacuum.” The upright cleaner, as the name states, stands up and balances on the head of the vacuum where the brush roll is. The best upright vacuum will have a ton of settings that you can adjust to fit your exact needs. These are usually heavier than their competition, but offer a good range of settings and have powerful suction; these are great for Berber upholstery cleaning.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

cordless stick vacuum

A stick cleaner is much like an upright one, just slimmer and lighter. Regardless of their size, these stick vacuums still have some pretty powerful suction. More and more of these stick designed vacuums are moving towards the cordless route, leaving you with increased mobility and range for cleaning all types of carpets. Yes, including Berber carpet!

Just remember, this list is not extensive. While there are some types of vacuums that are typically not recommended to clean loop carpet, which we will cover next, there are still some other exceptions that might pop up in your vacuum search.

Types of Vacuums That Are Not Good for Berber Carpets

While some of these aren’t technically damaging to use on your Berber carpeting, it’s still not the best if you want to keep your loop carpet looking clean and fresh for longer. Here’s some other vacuum types that you might want to stay away from when considering some carpet maintenance.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister cleaners

Canister cleaners pretty much just look like a big barrel on wheels. Most of them have a hose which is utilized for the main cleaning outlet and suction hose. While this option provides good range and easy access to tough spaces, it’s not as great of an option as a stick or upright vacuum when it comes to cleaning Berber carpeting.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vaccum

Robot vacuum cleaners are the newest and hottest technology to hit the vacuum cleaner market. It’s a very advanced type of cleaner that is completely automated, and can even connect to your phone or other devices for controlling and option setting. While the best robot vacuum is certainly a life-saver for a lot of busy people, it might struggle with the mountains and rolls that come with loop carpet. Berber carpet would pose a serious challenge to these advanced machines since they aren’t very powerful in movement or suctioning.

The market is rising every day, so keep your eye out. While most of the automated vacuums don’t give much power or great vacuuming features yet, the industry is wildly changing and progressing every day. Most of the current robot vacuums are only good for low pile or high pile carpet. Who knows, maybe in a few years there will be a great robo vacuum that’s good for all carpet types!

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

handheld vacuum

Handhelds are great for anyone that’s on the go and needs some flexible cleaning power. But with this flexibility comes a compromise for power. Handheld vacuum cleaners are known for low suction power and the inability to hold a lot of debris in their small canisters. Because of these reasons, this type of vacuum is not the best choice for your loop carpet.

Expensive Vs. Cheap Vacuum Cleaners

The most important factor of them all: cost. The average person doesn’t usually have hundreds of extra dollars to spend on a special vacuum cleaner. So, are there any good budget-friendly options out there? What’s the possible consequences of going cheaper?

Unfortunately, there’s no clear line between cheap and expensive. While many of the cheaper vacuums will get the job done just the same, they don’t tend to live as long as their pricier counterparts. There’s plenty of balanced vacuums that will give you a good service for a reasonable price. There’s a few gems around the market that might outdo their cheap price tag against the more expensive competition, but that’s not usually the case.

Typically, more expensive vacuum cleaners perform better and offer more features and versatility. Cheaper carpet cleaners might be less powerful, resulting in having to clean the same spot over and over again. Like with every market though, there’s a fair middle ground that will balance price, features, and performance. That’s why it’s important to see where you lie when it comes to the deciding factors. Are you willing to spend a little more for some extra performance, or are fine with a little sacrifice to save a chunk of change? It’s all up to what you think you need and how much you’re willing to spend.

Where to Buy a Berber Vacuum

Now that you know what to look for in a carpet cleaner, it’s time to find out some of the best places to buy yours.

If you’re willing to do some shopping around, your local home improvement store or superstore will most likely have some good options. Stores like The Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s Home Improvement are some of the most well-known vacuum retailers.

If you’re not about the hustle and bustle of shopping, try checking out some online sites. You can look on wholesale sites like Amazon or eBay, or check out some top vacuum cleaner brand sites like Dyson or Bissell. Whatever your preferences, there’s plenty of ways to purchase your carpet cleaner.

Reputable Vacuum Cleaner Brands

There’s plenty of brands out there, like with everything, and it can get pretty confusing when trying to navigate it. Here’s some of the more popular and reputable brands across the market:

  • Dyson
  • Shark
  • iRobot
  • Bissell
  • Hoover
  • Eureka

Most of these brands will look familiar to most people. I’m sure you’ve seen commercials advertising these different brands at some point in the past. Now, it’s just up to the price and what type of features each brand and product will offer to meet your exact needs. All brands offer a wide range of carpet cleaning tools, so there’s no shortage of choices and variables to choose from. So, what are some of the best vacuums for Berber carpet cleaning?

Top Recommended Vacuums for Berber Carpet Cleaning

Now onto the important part. Let’s get specific with these carpet cleaners. Here are some of the top rated vacuum cleaners that are used to clean Berber carpet.

BrandVoltageWattageWeightDust capacityPower cord lengthSize of the vacuum pathCleaning reachItem dimensions
Eureka PowerSpeed Vacuum CleanerEureka110 V960 W10 lbs2.6 L25 ft12.6 in7 ft13 x 14 x 44 in
Bissell CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 Vacuum CleanerBissell110-120 Vx15 lbs1.0 L27 ftx6 ft13 x 14 x 44.5 in
Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 Vacuum CleanerShark110-120 V1200 W14 lbs1.1 Qxxx15 x 11.4 x 45.5 in
Hoover MAXLife Pet Max UH74110 Vacuum CleanerHoove120 V1440 W17.1 lbs2.5 L27 ft13.75 in7 ft13 x 14 x 44.5 in
Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright VacuumDyson120 V1400 W15.6 lbs2.6 L31 ftxx15.59 x 13.39 x 41.93 in

1. Eureka PowerSpeed Vacuum Cleaner

What accessories come with it?

Crevice attachment
Dust brush
Upholstery brush

This Eureka vacuum is outfitted for any messes in your home, even on your tough Berber carpet. It’s got an amazingly strong suction and has plenty of accessories that will assist you in all your spring cleaning endeavors. Paired with it’s large dust cup, you’ll be ready for anything that might come your way. As a cherry on top, it’s even got headlights! That way you can enjoy your midnight snack, and vacuum it too.

There’s 5 vacuum head height adjustments that you can use to personalize your vacuuming experience. Assembly is a piece of cake; this vacuum is designed to clean throughout your entire home.

Why do we recommend it?

Has a powerful suction.
Comes with plenty of attachments.
Contains a large dust cup.
Has LED lights for dark corners.

What are the flaws?

It’s not very versatile.
Struggles with cleaning hardwood floors.

2. Bissell CleanView Swivel Pet 2252 Vacuum Cleaner

What accessories come with it?

Pet brush attachment

The Swivel Pet Bissell Vacuum is a master of cleaning up tough pet messes that might have soaked into your Berber carpeting. The powerful brush roll combined with the swiveling head is a perfect tool for getting those stubborn stains and particles out of your loop carpet. It’s geared towards handling pet messes in your home; if you’re a pet owner you are sure to love this vacuum. Even with the powerful brush roll and the pet tool, it’s still safe to use on your Berber carpet.

If you’re looking to do a one-and-done vacuuming of your home, this model might not be able to keep up because of it’s small dust cup. It presents an inconvenience to you when you’re trying to move quickly from room to room, having to stop a lot to empty the tank.

Why do we recommend it?

Has a powerful brush roll.
Specializes in pet messes.
Has swivel steering.
Includes a specialized brush tool.

What are the flaws?

Has a small dust cup capacity.

3. Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 Vacuum Cleaner

What accessories come with it?

2 lengths of crevice attachments
Upholstery brush

This Shark model has great power for removing dirt. It also comes equipped with a high quality air filter that will prevent irritants from being let out into your home’s environment. Paired with the swivel steering and the accessories that it comes with, it’s able to smoothly move around the rolls of your Berber carpet and around awkward furniture as well. It’s versatile and can be used on hardwood or carpet floors.

Since the vacuum’s vacuum’s head creates a smaller path, using this model is probably going to take longer than you are used to.

Why do we recommend it?

Has a quality air filter.
Has swivel steering.
Versatile with carpet and hardwood floors

What are the flaws?

It has a smaller vacuum path.
It’s not great for cleaning large spaces.

4. Hoover MAXLife Pet Max UH74110 Vacuum Cleaner

What accessories come with it?

Pet brush attachment
Crevice attachment
2 types of dust brushes

Hoover MAXLife will give you a great powerful vacuum that you can use for all types of messes in your home. With a quality air filter and plenty of tools to choose from, this vacuum will leave your Berber carpet (and your home’s air) sparkling! The dust bag is large as well, allowing you to vacuum for a longer session over a bigger space.

If you’re looking for a vacuum that can easily get in those tight spaces behind your couch, this model isn’t for you. It’s not easily handled and maneuvered into spaces like that. You’ll struggle to get a good clean in a tight space.

Why do we recommend it?

Has a powerful suction.
Comes with plenty of attachments for multi-purpose and pet messes.
Has a quality air filter.
Has a large dust bag.

What are the flaws?

It’s hard to maneuver.
It can’t fit into small spaces.

5. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum

What accessories come with it?

Hose attachment

This Dyson vacuum is a more recent model from Dyson’s advanced techology vacuums. This model utilizes a cycling method that provides great suction and cleaning for your Berber carpets. The Dyson distinguishing ball feature allows the vacuum to be moved in and around objects and furniture with ease. In fact, the ball steering technology is actually a patent owned by Dyson! It’s a very lightweight carpet cleaner that is easy to carry and store.

However, this model doesn’t come with a lot of tools and accessories like many other products. This is where you’ll have to take your personal preferences and needs into play and decide which model is best for you.

Why do we recommend it?

It uses a high-tec cycling method for suction power.
Easily steering by the signature Dyson ball steering.
It’s lightweight.
It’s easy to carry and store.

What are the flaws?

There’s very few attachments.
There’s not many adjustable settings.

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