Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Who doesn’t love wool carpets? After all, these carpets are very plush and luxurious. They can make your home look and feel comfortable. Cleaning them is a challenge though, even if you are well-versed in basic rug care. Often, a regular vacuum cleaner won’t be able to clean a wool rug, especially a loop pile Berber carpet, in case that’s what you own.

You’ll need a special type of vacuum cleaner for a wool carpet. End of story. You’ll need to upgrade your big, bulky, and old vacuum cleaner for a new one. So, if you’re on the lookout for one, you have come to the right spot. We’re going to help you decide which vacuum cleaner for wool carpets is best for you, so there’s no need to call in the steam carpet cleaners all too frequently.

Challenges of Cleaning Wool Carpet

If you have been cleaning your wool carpet manually for some time now, you know very well that this task is not very easy to do. The level of carpet maintenance needed by wool rugs is also much higher than almost all other types. For one, you’ll need to learn a lot about carpet stain protection. Otherwise, you may need to find a paper towel every time you need to do spot cleaning. Here are some of the challenges that you will likely encounter:

1. High pile wool fibers

The fibers of wool carpets are almost an inch thick, sometimes even more. That’s why they are considered a high pile carpet. If you don’t use the right type of vacuum cleaner on a wool carpet or any type of high pile carpet for that matter, you may damage the fibers. It’s hard to find a vacuum cleaner that can be tough on dirt but gentle on the wool fibers, but you’ve got to do it.

2. Regular cleaning

If you have a wool carpet, you must clean it more often than usual. The key to proper wool carpet maintenance is regular and consistent cleaning. Wool is a sensitive material and cleaning it frequently keeps the carpet fiber soft and smooth. You’ll also need a lot of absorbent cloth and absorbent mats on standby if you have a wool carpet so you can do spot stain removal at any time.

3. Sprouting

Wool rugs and carpets are prone to sprouting. This can be an issue when vacuuming wool carpets. Be sure that you trim the sprouts when you notice them. The vacuum cleaner may pull on these sprouts and mercilessly damage the threading of your area rug.

Why Do You Need a Special Vacuum Cleaner for a Wool Carpet?

Why Do You Need a Special Vacuum Cleaner for a Wool Carpet?

After reading through the challenges of cleaning a wool carpet, it should be clearer to you why you need to use a special vacuum cleaner for it. You may already own a vacuum cleaner at home, but if it is not built to clean wool rugs, you may encounter a lot of problems along the way.

If you own a wool carpet, you should get a vacuum cleaner that can strike that balance between suction and efficiency. Big and bulky vacuum cleaners are no good for wool carpets because their suction is too strong. Using them too often may damage the carpet fiber and decrease its lifespan.

There are also special features that you want to see on a vacuum cleaner for wool carpets. These features are non-negotiable as they are what you’re investing in to make sure that your wool carpet becomes as soft and supple as it should throughout your lifetime.

Common Features of a Vacuum for Wool Carpets

If you’re interested in the features that you should look for in vacuum cleaners for wool carpets or area rugs, read on. Be sure to check out the features listed below on every vacuum cleaner that you’re considering buying. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing that your carpet is well taken care of. 

1. Vibration

When it comes to wool carpets, vibration can help a lot. Find a vacuum cleaner that produces vibration to loosen up debris, dirt, and other particles stuck between the carpet fibers. Vibration makes the wool move, freeing up dust and grime in the process.

2. Moderate suction

As previously mentioned, you can’t use a vacuum cleaner that simply has too much suction on a wool carpet. You need to find the one that can create just the right power to pick up all the debris on the carpet without causing any damage to the fibers.

3. Soft brushes

Your wool carpet is delicate, so treat it as such. Don’t use brushes that are too hard. Instead, find ones that are soft enough to work through the wool fibers. This will help not just in cleaning but also in keeping the quality of the carpet. 

Pricing Considerations

When buying anything, pricing is always an important consideration. When it comes to a vacuum cleaner for a wool carpet, it’s important to weigh the cost against quality. Be sure that before you go out there searching for a product to buy, you already know how much you’re willing to spend.

A vacuum cleaner for a wool carpet may not be the cheapest one on the market. But still, there are options that are considered affordable. You must weigh all your options before buying this product. Don’t forget to integrate your lifestyle choices too, such if you support green certified carpet cleaning.

Pitfalls to Watch Out For

Not all vacuum cleaners are the same, and that’s a fact. While manufacturers may market their product as a wool carpet vacuum cleaner, you should know better than take their word for it. Be a wise consumer and check every detail of the product before buying. Here are things that you must pay special attention to, so you don’t have to end up buying something that doesn’t do the job:

1. Size

Don’t think that the bigger your vacuum cleaner is, the more effective it is for cleaning your wool carpet. There are lightweight vacuum cleaners that can do the same job, sometimes even better. Never buy based on size alone. Instead, buy based on functionality.

2. Type

There are different types of vacuum cleaners, even wool carpets, so don’t be surprised with your plethora of choices. Choose according to your needs. You don’t have to go for an upright vacuum cleaner if you prefer the cordless types. Be sure to also consider the other areas you want to clean in your home. Most of these vacuum cleaners are versatile. Find the one that can clean your wool carpets and your bare floors at the same time.

3. Filtering system

You want to buy a vacuum cleaner with the best filters. Don’t be convinced otherwise. When it comes to safety, your family’s health is always the priority. Always check what kind of filters the vacuum cleaner has and buy only if it passes your personal standards.

Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet

Now that you have a good idea of why you need a vacuum cleaner for a wool carpet, it’s time that you browse through the products that may possibly be the best for you. Listed here are some of the best vacuum cleaners for a wool carpet. Read through their pros and cons before deciding which one to buy.

1. Black and Decker BDXURV309G

This upright and bagless vacuum cleaner comes with HEPA anti-allergen filters. Its height can be adjusted to five different positions so it can clean anywhere from a high pile carpet to the hardwood floor. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a special cyclone-like cleaning action, which is backed up by a motor running on 1,200 watts. Such a motor creates just the right suction for your wool carpet. 

The vacuum cleaner also boasts of a large capacity bagless dust bin that can carry up to 2 liters of dirt. It is also packed with an extension wand, crevice tool, pet brush, and rotating brush. This vacuum cleaner works so well but some customers find it a bit fragile, especially when doing hard wood floor cleaning.

2. Eureka Whirl Wind

This canister vacuum cleaner from Eureka is also of the bagless type. It’s a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is ideal for wool carpets and even hard floors. One notable feature of this vacuum cleaner is its integrated airflow. Users may easily switch how much air and suction power the vacuum cleaner will produce so it can effectively clean different types of flooring.

This vacuum cleaner is also very light, making it easy for users to move it around. Weighing less than eight pounds, it can go underneath furniture and even around the stairs. However, some users may feel that this canister vacuum cleaner requires too frequent emptying, especially when doing furniture cleaning.

3. Prolux Tritan

This canister vacuum cleaner offers users a complete home clean experience. It offers a big suction power in its very compact body. What’s so good about this vacuum cleaner is that it provides users with a deep clean, from wool rugs to floor tiles. You may possibly even use this for tile grout cleaning. Its HEPA filtration system makes it a complete package.

Another great thing about this vacuum cleaner is the fact that it comes with a good warranty. Its manufacturer can confidently give it because the product is designed so well. For starters, it has a bypass valve that opens to prevent the hose or bag from getting clogged, thereby preventing motor overheating. However, there are users that say that it’s a bit difficult to connect the vacuum’s attachments to the hose.

4. INSE Cordless

This INSE vacuum cleaner is of the cordless stick type. It is cordless, and it runs on a high-capacity rechargeable battery that can last for up to 40 minutes. The suction is powerful enough to pick up debris on a wool carpet, as well as on pieces of furniture, stairs, and curtains.

It comes with five layers of HEPA filtration system to keep 99% of the dust particles away from the air that you breathe. Included in its list of most notable features is its motorized brush head which is flexible and comes with a LED light. However, a downside reported for this vacuum cleaner is that it takes too long to charge.

5. Soniclean Soft Carpet

This Soniclean vacuum cleaner is specially made for a cut pile carpet, especially the wool type. If the pile of your wool carpet measures less than an inch, then this vacuum cleaner is just right for you. It is built with a sonic bar to produce vibrations that can dislodge all dirt and debris stuck between the carpet fibers.

The package also comes with attachments such as a brush roll with soft bristles. All these make wool carpet cleaning a breeze, plus the fact that the device is lightweight and very easy to maneuver. It also comes with hospital-grade HEPA filters and powerful suction. This product works well but it may need maintenance. Even so, a lot of people still trust Soniclean, a brand of vacuum cleaner made by a carpet manufacturer.

6. Dreamtech T10

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner has a lot of features. It runs for a long time on battery and functions quietly too. The product boasts of a refined filtration system that goes through five stages. But what customers like most about it is its impressive suction ability to remove hair from wool carpets.

Its package also comes with different brushes, allowing it to easily clean different areas and surfaces. What’s more, this product comes with a one-year warranty to protect users from factory defects. However, one common request of the users of this product is to make the battery last longer.

7. Bissell 2252

This upright vacuum cleaner specializes in picking pet hair in a wool carpet or even an oriental rug. Aside from the different special pet tools that the product comes with, it also has a huge dirt tank that is easy to clean and empty. Its other notable features include swivel steering, triple-action brush roll, and scatter-free technology.

This bagless vacuum cleaner boasts of effective cleaning from end to end as it picks up pet hair, debris, and dirt. It can greatly help prevent carpet soiling when used frequently. It doesn’t have many downsides, but do check the package upon opening it, especially the hoses as they may be damaged.

8. Kenmore Intuition

This upright vacuum cleaner comes with a high-capacity dirtbag and an adjustable motor. It also comes with HEPA filters and special tools to make it even more functional. The vacuum cleaner is best for use on wool carpets and even hard floors. It can be used for upholstery cleaning too.

Kenmore Intuition is a versatile vacuum cleaner that can clean all types of surfaces. It is also easy to maintain with its no-touch dirt bag emptying technology. There are many good features of this product, although some users say that the hose can be too short.

Get the Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet

These are some of the best choices for a vacuum cleaner used for wool carpets. Narrow down this list to just three and do a little more research on each of them. That way, it will be so much easier for you to get the vacuum cleaner that matches your needs.

If you need more information, you may also do a deep dive into the individual reviews of actual users, so you’ll get more insight into how the product works. You may also consult with the carpet cleaning experts as to which vacuum cleaner can help maintain your shag carpet. Don’t forget to get wool carpet care tips from them. A truly professional carpet cleaner is not just great in providing specialty stain removal service, but also in supporting customers, too!

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