Best Vacuums for Shag Carpets

Everybody loves shag carpets. However, not everyone enjoys cleaning it. If you share the same view, well you’re not alone. There are a lot of people who are with you, us included. But we’re here to show you that it can also be very easy to clean shag carpets. If you know what tools to use, everything will be a breeze.

Best Vacuums for Shag Carpet

When it comes to shag carpets, the best tool for cleaning is, of course, a vacuum cleaner. What we have prepared here for you here is a list of different vacuum cleaners that will work best on a shag rug. But more than that, we have added a lot of helpful information about what shag carpets are and how to choose the right one for you. Ready? Well then, let’s get the ball rolling.

What is a Shag Carpet?

Simply defined, a shag carpet is a high pile carpet with very long hairs and soft fibers. These carpets feel plush and are very luxurious. You always see them in Hollywood movies and the houses of the rich and famous. It’s also easy to associate these carpets with the 1970s, which is when they become very famous.

These carpets are still very famous today. In fact, there are several types of them available in furniture shops. The oldest carpets of this type are the Flokati shag rugs, which history traces back to ancient Greece and Middle East royalty. Then there are the wool shag carpets, which are the most popular choices these days. There are also leather shag carpets, which are unique and interesting. You’ll also find shag carpets that are a combination of wool and leather.

Should You Get a Shag Carpet Vacuum Cleaner?

Simple answer? Yes. You’re going to need a vacuum cleaner that is specially created for shag carpets if you want to clean it properly. The fibers of these carpets can be dense and long, which means they can trap pet hair, dust, and dirt easily. This is also the reason why the maintenance of these carpets can be very tough. Only a vacuum cleaner that is specially made for the job can do it right.

A shag carpet vacuum cleaner can pick up the dirt, dust, and debris stuck between the carpet fibers without causing any damage. These specially designed vacuum cleaners come with a suction force that is powerful enough to give your carpet a deep clean, yet mild enough not to cause any harm to the carpet fibers.

If you’re thinking about the big investment that you’re going to make on these types of carpets, don’t worry. There are vacuum cleaners that can be used on different types of flooring, including a bare floor. For these devices, it is just a matter of changing a few settings or using different attachments. These are the vacuum cleaners that we’ll review for you later.

Common Features of a Shag Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

Before we show you some good choices for a shag carpet vacuum cleaner, it’s important that you first know the features that you must look for in these types of products. There are countless brands and models of vacuum cleaners out there, and our goal is to help you to choose the right one.

Some of the things that you must consider when buying shag carpet vacuum cleaners are listed here. Please go through each of them. Make a checklist if you want. That way, you can prioritize which feature you’ll give more weight to. You may not find a vacuum cleaner that has all the features, but we hope you’ll get the one that can do most of the tasks that you really want to get done right. Here goes:

1. Suction Power

When it comes to shag carpets, suction power is a very important consideration. The vacuum cleaner you’ll use should not be too strong or the fibers will seal the vacuum’s head. At which point, no dirt can be pulled in. Additionally, a very strong suction could damage the fibers.

What you really need is a vacuum cleaner with adjustable power control. That way, you can adjust the suction strength to the right setting when cleaning shag carpets. These vacuum cleaners also allow for a much smoother run on a shag carpet.

2. Filtration

You’ll need a carpet that comes with a high-quality filtration system to effectively trap all the particles that are picked up from the carpet and stop them from circulating back in the air. Keep in mind that shag carpets tend to attract more dust, dirt, pollens, and other allergens than any other type of carpets. Vacuum cleaners with adequate filtration systems are exactly what you’ll need.

To check this feature, look for vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters that can remove 99.97% of bacteria, mold, pollen, and dust in the air. These filters are recommended by the US Department of Energy as a helpful way to reduce allergens in the air that your family breathes.

3. Attachments and Features

No two vacuum cleaners are ever the same. Why? It’s because each brand or model may come in a certain combination of tools and features. When shopping for a shag carpet vacuum cleaner, be sure to check what attachments the package comes with. These tools will make it easier for you to clean not just your shag rug, but also other types of floors in your home, including furniture.

When buying a shag carpet vacuum cleaner, look for special attachments such as a beater brush and crevice tool. You may also check if it comes with features such as an adjustable vacuum head and large wheels. A vacuum cleaner with an adjustable height can clean carpets of different types, from a deep pile carpet to a hard wood floor. Large wheels, on the other hand, allow the vacuum cleaner to roll over easily your high pile carpet.

Pricing Considerations

The price will always be a consideration when buying anything at all. Unless you have unlimited funds, you wouldn’t worry about the price ever. But assuming that we’re all frugal homeowners here and that every cent counts, it is best that you choose a vacuum cleaner that will work for your budget. A good choice is the one that can be used not just on your shag carpets but for other floors and furnishings as well.

Be very particular about the price you’re paying and compare it against the features that you’re getting. In the end, you should get the best value out of your hard-earned money. Never make price your only priority. It should always be a good balance between price and feature. Here is where your list of features will be useful. Be sure that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for.

Pitfalls to Watch Out For

On the other hand, features are not the only things that you should check when buying vacuum cleaners. This is especially true when it comes to a high pile carpet. To help you find the right one, we also have here some pitfalls to watch out for, so you won’t end up with a vacuum cleaner that you’ll only end up returning to the store.

 when buying vacuum cleaners for shag carpet

1. Weight

Some vacuum cleaners are heavier than others. It’s nice to have a lightweight vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet but can it really do the job? It’s a mistake to trade portability with efficiency. When it comes to weight and functionality, you want to get smack in the middle, especially for your shag carpet.

You don’t want to make the mistake of buying a vacuum cleaner that is too light it doesn’t work like you want it to. But you also don’t want to get that is too heavy that it strains your back whenever you’re using it. Keep in mind that if you can’t move the vacuum cleaner as swiftly as possible, then you might have a problem cleaning your home.

2. Storage

Some people get too focused on the price and value of the vacuum cleaner that they forget to check one important feature, which is storage. Some vacuum cleaners are too bulky that they need a special storage room. You need to know beforehand where you’re going to stash the vacuum away when not in use.

If your apartment is small, and good storage is going to be an issue, don’t buy it. Be sure that you have this all figured out before you buy it. Aside from the machine itself, you must also know where the rest of the attachments will go.

3. Service options

All things break, especially vacuum cleaners. When this happens, what are your options? This detail is worth knowing even before buying. Vacuum repair can be costly, especially if there are no accredited service providers in your area. If that is the case, sourcing spare parts can be a problem too.

In the absence of service personnel that you can call, there could be some form of store warranty that you can take advantage of in case the device breaks. Find out if it is possible to get the vacuum cleaner replaced if it gets broken within the specified time frame. Additionally, ask if an extended warranty is available for an additional price.

TOP 10 Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

Now that you have a lot more knowledge about plush carpets than you did before, we are ready to reveal to you the best vacuum for shag carpet. However, this list features ten products. Don’t forget to make a lot of research about each of them before making the final decision.

Again, our cleaning needs may be different from one another. It is only right to practice prudence when going through this list. The good and bad features of the product are mentioned in this review with the purpose of providing you with a good insight into what to expect from the purchase.

1. Hoover MaxLife Pet Max

This Hoover model is a bagless and upright vacuum cleaner. It can be used on a shag carpet, hardwood floor, and almost everything else in between. Although not cordless, it makes up for that with a long-lasting suction power to maintain its peak performance the entire time that you are cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner is recommended to pet owners because it also comes with a multi-purpose tool that can pick up even the most stubborn pet hairs, along with almost all types of dirt on your furniture. It is made with the company’s patented allergen block technology that captures up to 97% of dust, pollen, and pet dander, preventing them to getting back into the air.

While most users say that this vacuum cleaner does a good job at cleaning shag carpets, there are a few that says the device is a little bit difficult to control and maneuver. Compared to other Hoover vacuum cleaners, the design of this one is not as streamlined. For one, it can be a challenge to turn the device on and off, as the switch button is placed down low instead of on the handle.

2. Bissell 2252

This upright and bagless vacuum cleaner is also a powerful tool for pet hair cleaning. It also comes with specialized pet tools and a large dirt tank that is very easy to empty out. Bissell 2252 is equipped with swivel steering technology to make the device easy to move and maneuver.

When it comes to cleaning, it comes with triple-acting brush rolls that effectively loosen, lift, and eliminate dirt, dust, and pet hair embedded into the shag carpet. It can also be used on multiple surfaces, including the corners and crevices, so dirt has nowhere to hide.

The performance of this vacuum cleaner is superb, although you might need to pay special attention to its hose. That’s the part that is easier to get damaged than the rest. Be sure that you are storing this vacuum cleaner in the right place if only to protect the hose.

3. Dirt Devil Endura

This vacuum cleaner is also bagless and upright just like the first two that are previously mentioned. It is not cordless, but it promises users of a consistent powerful suction performance not just on a plush carpet but also on a hard floor. What’s more, it also boasts a stress-free maintenance process. For starters, you can easily rinse the filter to extend the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner. Releasing the dirt cup to empty it involves just a simple touch of a button.

This vacuum cleaner is also very light and compact, allowing you to reach higher surfaces, edges, and crevices easily and quickly. It can easily be operated and stored easily, making your carpet cleaning no more than just a few minutes.

However, this vacuum cleaner may take a little getting used to, especially if you’re not familiar with how this brand operates. When used improperly, it may damage your carpet or even cause a minor accident. So, be sure to read through the manual first and make certain that you get the hang of how the vacuum cleaner works before using it all out.

4. Eureka Airspeed

This upright, bagless Eureka vacuum cleaner is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for people who are having maneuverability issues with other types of vacuum cleaners. Its handle boasts of a quick release operation, allowing users to attach different tools, such as a dusting brush, to clean other surfaces like upholstery and windows.

When used on carpets, it works with powerful suction to effectively pick up pet hair and dirt from the surface. Its filters can be rinsed and dried, which accounts for its cheaper maintenance. What’s more, this vacuum cleaner is more affordable than others.

Many users of this Eureka vacuum say that it performed very well for them. However, there are others that find the hose to be shorter than expected, which makes it difficult to reach certain areas. It also works well on pet hair, but it may find larger debris a tad too difficult to pick up.

5. Inse Cordless

This cordless vacuum cleaner offers a 4-in-1 operation to the delight of many. It can easily transform into a handheld vacuum, which is ideal for your shag carpets and hard floors. This model boasts of a 160-watt 12-kpa powerful suction when set on the maximum mode. In such a setting, it can pick up debris, dust, and pet hair from almost all types of surfaces.

It also comes with a filtration system that is not just fully sealed but also goes through four stages of filtering. It is equipped with HEPA filters to ensure no dirt goes back into the air. Its filters are reusable, which means they can be cleaned, dried, and attached again. This model’s other notable features include low noise operation, lightweight design, and rotatable motorized brush.

6. Kenmore BU4022

This bagged and upright vacuum cleaner comes with an adjustable power suction. It can be lifted to clean not just your floors but also the stairs and other leveled surfaces. All it takes is one press of a button. Another nice feature of this vacuum cleaner is its no-touch dirt bag technology, which makes maintenance a very easy feat.

As a 14-pound lightweight vacuum cleaner, this one is very easy to move and maneuver. It also comes with a swivel steering system and height adjustment control to ensure optimal airflow while improving its cleaning efficiency. The product also comes with LED lights so it’s easier for you to see where the dirt is.

Despite many users have commended the good performance of this vacuum cleaner, some think that the hose is too short for their needs. Additionally, its motor can get hot when the device is being used for a long time. So, if you decide to buy this vacuum cleaner, be sure to turn it off after some time to cool down the motor before resuming operation.

7. Laresar Cordless Vacuum

Working at 400watts, this 33-kpa vacuum cleaner comes with a touch screen interface to easily monitor its operation. With it, you can easily shift from one setting to another while also checking the battery level and other relevant info. The control panel also reports if the brush bristles are tangled so they can be adjusted accordingly.

This model runs with a powerful suction system despite being a cordless vacuum. It is powered by seven 2,500mAh lithium batteries, which allows it to run for 50 minutes without any hiccups. This model also boasts of a noiseless operation and a 5-layer filtration system all packed in a simple yet elegant design.

This vacuum cleaner is great overall, especially for those who are looking for a lightweight and compact stick vacuums. However, some people may find the handle too small for their hands. The power slot should also be held down, which means lifting the finger will turn the device off. Having a problem with the small handle space can make operating the vacuum cleaner a little bit awkward.

8. Prolux Tritan

This one is a canister vacuum cleaner that comes complete with a dirtbag and HEPA filters. It boasts of big and powerful suction against its compact body. This ensures that the device will leave your shag rugs deeply cleaned. The vacuum cleaner also comes with rubber wheels to protect your carpet and hard floor from damage.

This Prolux model also has different attachments, such as the duster brush, upholstery tool, and brush roll, among others. This lightweight vacuum cleaner also comes with a one-year warranty to give customers peace of mind with every purchase.

This vacuum cleaner works great, especially when it comes to suction power. However, some customers may find the attachment to be not as sturdy as they wanted it to be. Others claim that they were made of light plastic and that they can still be improved greatly when it comes to quality.

9. Intercleaner Corded

If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is as easy on the budget, then this is the one you’re looking for. Its affordable price comes with one year warranty and 24 hours’ worth of after-sales services. This multifunction vacuum cleaner that boasts of a 4-in-1 operation can effectively clear crumbs, dust, and debris trapped in your thick carpet.

As a corded stick vacuum cleaner, it can operate at 400 watts and 12-kpa suction power. It has two HEPA filters that you can use and reuse to further save on operation costs. Maintaining this vacuum cleaner is done with a touch of a button. Throwing away the dirt inside its transparent dust cup can be so easy.

Aside from its ultra-quiet operation, users also love how quickly they can switch from a stick vacuum to a handheld type with this model. This means you can also clean your sofa, car seat, and almost all types of surfaces with this one device.

However, the suction of this vacuum cleaner is so powerful that it is sometimes difficult to pick up pet hair. Most of the time, they are left behind as hairballs. So, if you have pets, you might want to reconsider this vacuum cleaner as it may not be for you.

10. Soniclean Soft Carpet

The Soniclean brand in vacuum cleaners is one of the trusted names in the field. This one is specially designed for shag carpets, particularly the ones that are less than an inch thick. As its name suggests, this vacuum cleaner can produce vibrations to effectively dislodge dirt and dust that are deeply embedded in the carpet fiber.

It also comes with an adjustable venting system and HEPA filters. This vacuum is also very lightweight at only 10.5 pounds, which means it can easily be moved and maneuvered across your shag carpeting. It also comes with a special brush roll that is specially made with soft bristles to work ideally on your equally soft carpet.

There are many good reviews for this vacuum cleaner although some people may think twice about buying it because of its comparably higher price. There is also a report of the device no longer working after 2-3 months, although those are mostly isolated cases.

Get the Best Shag Carpet Vacuum Cleaner 

The best vacuum for shag carpets could be one of the products listed above. This list is a good place to start your search and do some deeper research. There may not be one vacuum cleaner that can provide for all your needs, but we’re confident that you will find the best vacuum cleaner for your shag carpet from this list.

With any of these vacuum cleaners, cleaning shag carpets would be a walk in the park. You won’t have to worry about it even if you have pets or kids in the house that tend to mess up your thick carpet more frequently than you wished. Be a frugal and meticulous buyer and purchase only the vacuum cleaner that’s right for your needs.

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