At Texas Home & Garden we seek to be a valued resource for Texans on all things related to home, garden, and lifestyle. At Texas Home & Garden we seek to be a valued resource for Texans on all things related to the home, garden, and lifestyle. We’re able to do this thanks to our amazing group of current and past content contributors.

Spotlight Contributors


Janice Brown

Janice Brown runs a garden coaching service, On The Grow, in the Houston area. As a Master Gardener and general green thumb she brings her expertise in the garden with regular articles to the Texas Home & Garden blog. Her mission is to help everyone experience the joy of a garden and to build a greater connection to Mother Earth!


The Remodelers’ Council of the Greater Houston Builders’ Association (GHBA) brings expert advice from several of Houston’s best contractors to the blog. Whether you’re taking on a new remodeling project, building an addition, or just seeking general advice from an experienced contractor then start with the Remodelers’ Council.

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You Have a Valuable Voice

Are you a blogger looking to reach out to a new audience? Maybe you’re new to writing and can’t commit the time to maintaining your own blog but want a chance to get your work out there. If you can write we will consider what you have to offer.

What Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for committed contributors to the Texas Home & Garden website and digital spaces. Experts in all areas of home, garden, and lifestyle. Kitchens, Baths, Landscaping, Floors, Doors, Windows, the list could go on forever and “home” can be interpreted a million different ways. We want your tips and tricks. We want your advice. We’re not looking for hard sales pitches. We need good, solid, valuable content that our readers can learn from.

Ins and Outs

Texas Home and Garden reserves the right to edit your submission for clarity, style, and format. That said, you will retain the right to use that content on your own site. Provide THG with exclusive rights to that content for 30 days and then you can feel free to share it with any other outlet you’d like. You will never lose the right to use that content. We will retain the right to keep your submitted content on our site in perpetuity. We ask that written submissions be at least 300 words, not to exceed 800. If you’re a seasoned writer or content producer this is no sweat. If you’re new to the game we’ll help you along the way!



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