How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

Kids bring joy into our lives. But they can also get very messy sometimes. One of their favorite toys is crayons. You know very well that crayons and carpets don’t mix. What would you do if you see a crayon mark on your carpet because your kid thinks it’s the coolest drawing board? Crayon painted walls and stained carpets will be your everyday problem. But don’t panic just yet. We’re here to show you how to get crayons out of the carpet.

 How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

The best way to keep crayons out of the carpet is not to let your child play with them unattended. But kids have a way of doing stuff around the house without your knowledge, right? So, you better be ready for those crayon stains if you do have carpets and crayons at home. Removing crayon stains is not easy. But allow us to show you what you can do with those stains without calling a professional carpet cleaner just yet.

Easy Ways on How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

If your kids love coloring books, it’s a pain not to give them crayons to tinker with. You surely want them to enjoy coloring their drawings and improve their artistic talents. But that doesn’t mean your carpets need to suffer either. Just follow these tips and you’ll have a stain-free carpet all the time, even if you can’t seem to part your kids with their beloved crayons.

Materials needed to Get Crayon Out of Carpet

Materials Needed

  • Scraper, such as a metal spoon or dull knife
  • Carpet cleaning solution
  • Paper towel or clean white cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Ice cubes
  • Plastic bag
  • Curling iron
  • Dry cleaning solvent
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • WD-40

1. Use a carpet cleaning solution

If the crayon stain is still fresh, it will most likely come out with your good old carpet cleaner. The first step is to gently scrape away any crayon residue on the surface. Then place a tiny drop of the carpet cleaning solution on the area. Then blot the stain away using a paper towel.

Use a carpet cleaning solution

Do all these steps repeatedly until no more stain shows. Leave the carpet to air dry. If your kid was using a washable crayon, then this step will be enough. In fact, you may just wipe the area with soapy water. Check the package if your child is indeed using washable crayons. That makes your problem a lot easier to solve.

2. Use chlorine bleach

Bleach is a very effective stain removal for carpets. However, not all carpets can use this cleaning solution. Before using any kind of bleach, be sure that you check how the carpet fibers react to it. You know very well that not all types of fabric don’t do well with chlorine beach.

Use chlorine bleach

Apply some bleach to an inconspicuous area of the carpet and leave it there for a while. If it damages the carpet fiber or the color of the carpet in any way, skip this method. This method can also be used on carpets that can be thrown in the dryer.

To use it, simply apply a few drops of bleach to the area and let it sit there for a while. Come back to it and wash the stain with detergent and water. Rinse and let dry. Repeat these steps if there are some faint crayon marks showing.

3. Use baking soda and vinegar

For most stains around the house, especially carpets, the baking soda and vinegar solution is among the most popular cleaning options. This all-natural cleaner will also make those crayon stains go away quite easily.

Use baking soda and vinegar

Simply mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the stained area of the carpet. Spray vinegar onto it, and then dab with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Repeat these steps as necessary.

4. Use a clothes iron or curling iron

This method will try to melt the crayon wax away so the stain will be removed easily. That’s because it’s easier to remove melted crayon stains. Like above, the first step is to scrape excess crayon wax using a metal spoon or dull knife. Put some ice cubes inside a plastic bag and put them directly on the area. The intention is to freeze any remaining waxy residue on the carpet.

Use a clothes iron or curling iron

Then cover the area with a clean cloth. Heat the curling iron again and press it on top of the cloth. By doing this, the wax stain should get transferred onto the damp cloth. If you still see some crayon marks left, repeat all these steps. Just use a dry cleaning solvent in between to speed up the drying process. This will work on candle wax stains as well.

5. Use dish soap

This step is effective for melted crayons finding their way into the carpet. For this method, you’ll need some dish soap. Mix a few drops into one cup of warm, not hot, water. The first step is to place a clean plain-colored cloth, preferably white, on top of the stained area. Then pour the warm dish soap over it.

Let the liquid dish detergent soak the stains for a few minutes. Then place the warm curling iron again. Keep at it for a couple of minutes. Check the stain if it starts to transfer into the cloth. Repeat all the steps until the stain on the carpet is gone.

6. Use rubbing alcohol

If you have no other solvent for carpet cleaning in your home, rubbing alcohol will do. Just apply some to the stained area. Make sure to cover all the crayon marks. Leave the alcohol for some time so it will soak up all the stains. Then dab the area with the cloth or paper towel in a circular motion.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean carpet

Apply more alcohol and continue to dab until the stain is removed. You may need to do this a dozen times until no more stain is visible. When the stain seems gone, wash the area with water and detergent. Rinse with clean water and air dry.

7. Use WD-40

WD-40 is a popular oil-penetrating solution but is also a good stain remover. It is also effective against crayon stains. Just spray the solution on the stained area. Leave it there for several minutes. Then dab the area with a clean cloth.

 Use WD-40 clean crayon

Apply more WD-40 solution as necessary and dab the area again. Do this repeatedly until the stain disappears. Some people use elbow grease instead of WD-40. It’s a good option if you prefer to use an all-natural cleaning solution.

8. Scraping method

This method will only work on dried crayon stains on the carpet. Most likely, your child played with the crayon days ago and you didn’t notice the mess left on the carpet. All you need to do is scrape off dried any crayon on the carpet using any usable scraper, like a metal spoon or knife. Then remove all the chipped crayons with a vacuum cleaner. If you have a Mr Clean magic eraser, that could come in handy too.

Scraping method

These are the most effective methods on how to get crayon out of carpet. These easy-to-follow methods will surely make the other daunting task of carpet stain removal a walk in the park. But if any step is difficult, don’t hesitate to contact a professional carpet cleaner to help you out.

Carpet cleaning, especially crayon removal, is not really an easy task, but we’re trying to make it simple for you. These methods may not produce the same results as professional carpet cleaning, but they will do until the next clean cleaning schedule comes around for your wall to wall carpet.

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