How to Get Playdough Out of Carpet

If you have kids at home, then you must have encountered all kinds of problems with stains. But as good parents, you only wanted the best for your children. So, stains should be the least of your concerns. You must let your kids learn and explore things on their own, even if they create a lot of mess and carpet stains in the process.

How to Get Playdough Out of Carpet

One of the most common stains that moms and dads deal with is Playdough on the carpet. Kids simply enjoy working with play dough. However, this toy oftentimes finds its way into the carpet fiber. When this happens, it can be very difficult to remove. So, are you asking, “How do you get playdough out of carpet?” Worry not. We’re here to answer that question for you today.

Eight Ways on How to Get Playdough Out of Carpet

Play dough, which is also sometimes called silly putty, is a clay-like material that kids love to pound, twist, bend, and shape. While playing with it, especially if your little girl loves using Playdough as nail polish, small particles can fall onto the carpet and create an unsightly stain.

If you’re having that problem right now, here are some steps on what you can do. The steps outlined here will work with homemade Playdough created from baking soda and flour, as well as the branded ones bought from a store. So, let’s get started with your carpet cleaning project. Check out the tips we have below.

Materials Needed

  • Scraper or stiff brush
  • Cotton ball, paper towel, or clean cloth
  • Compressed cold air can
  • Laundry detergent or liquid dish soap
  • White vinegar
  • Goo Gone
Steps Playdough Out of Carpet

Step 1. Collect everything that you can.

Before you attempt to do anything, be sure that you remove other scraps of play dough not sticking on the carpet yet. The best way to collect play dough is by using another play dough. Get a bigger chunk of the dough and use it to blot lightly on the play dough on the floor to collect them.

Be extra careful not to add a little more pressure or the dough will stick more to the carpet fibers. You want the play dough on the carpet to stick to the one you’re holding instead. You will want to be as careful with it as you would handle slime stain, but that’s a different story.

In case the play dough has dried out, you may use a scraper, stiff brush, or a butter knife to remove it. Dip a paper towel in cold water to dab away the scraped play dough. After doing this, you will realize that it is much easier to remove dried dough compared to fresh playdough stains. 

collect  play dough on carpet

Step 2. Use a high-quality detergent or soap.

When it comes to stains, the first thing that you must use is your good old laundry detergent. To remove Playdough stains, you’ll need to combine two tablespoons of detergent and one cup of water. Mix the solution very well. Alternately, you may also use dish soap or any other gentle soap if your laundry detergent proves to be too strong for your carpet fibers.

Scrape off as many pieces of Playdough as you can from the carpet. Using a cotton ball, apply the soapy water onto the carpet. Make sure that the entire stained area is covered. Leave it there to soak. Then come back after 20 minutes to wipe the stained area with a damp but clean cloth. Make sure that you see no traces of play dough stain or water stain on the carpet. If you still see any stains, just do these steps again.

Use a high-quality detergent or soap

Step 3. Use a stiff brush.

Follow this method only if the Playdough has dried out on the carpet. Carefully brush off the dried Playdough still sticking on the carpet fibers with a stiff brush. When you’re done, there will be loose pieces strewn about. You may collect all these using a vacuum cleaner. 

There are other things that you can possibly use if you don’t have a stiff brush made specifically for play dough. An old toothbrush may possibly work. You may also use a spoon, butter knife, or any tool that can pass off as a scraper. Just make sure that you only use a tool that won’t harm the carpet’s fibers.

Use a stiff brush

Step 4. Use rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol is also effective against Playdough stains, especially the older ones. Simply blot the area with just the right amount of rubbing alcohol. Do this repeatedly until the play doh compound comes off. Once done, leave the damp area air to dry. This method will work on clothes as well.

However, be sure that you have tested the rubbing alcohol on a discreet corner of your carpet. Some carpet fiber may not react well to certain compounds present in the alcohol. Make sure about it first or you might end up with a severely damaged carpet. You sure don’t want that to happen.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean play dough

Step 5. Use hydrogen peroxide.

This method can only be used on white carpets. Do note that hydrogen peroxide could damage the hue of your carpet. So, never use it on carpets of any shade. Just dab hydrogen peroxide on the area until the carpet stain is gone. Then just leave it out there to dry.

Be careful when handling hydrogen peroxide. Remember that this is a chemical, so be sure that you are wearing protective gear before you perform this step. Wear a pair of gloves, a face mask, and goggles if you’re sensitive to this chemical. Always consider your own safety first.

Use hydrogen peroxide

Step 6. Use white vinegar.

White vinegar can be used to remove Playdough stains as well. Dilute the vinegar in water. The ideal ratio is one part vinegar and four parts cold water. Just dab the solution on the Playdough stain and then rinse. Blot dry. If there are some stains visible, just repeat these steps

Vinegar is one of the most popular carpet stain-removing compounds. It can be used on almost any type of carpet stain. Just ensure that you use it in the right ratio, and that would depend on what kind of stain you want to remove. The tougher the stain, the stronger the solution should be.

white vinegar to clean carpet

Step 7. Use compressed cold air.

You may use compressed air to freeze the Playdough and make it easier to remove. Simply hold the compressed air can about three inches away from the affected area. Spray on the stain for 15 seconds. After doing so, the stained area will look frosted and frozen, which is exactly how you want it.

As the Playdough freezes, it tends to dry faster. When it has completely dried out, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the hardened Playdough from the carpet. Just be careful when using compressed cold air as it can burn your skin. But with that aside, you’ll surely notice that the frozen or dried play doh is much easier to remove.

Step 8. Use Goo Gone

Goo Gone is a popular product that generally removes the stickiness of any material. You may use this to remove fresh play dough stains. Using its spray bottle version, apply Goo gone on the play dough-stained area. Come back after some time and use cold water with detergent to completely remove the stain. This method is also effective on slime stains.

These are just some of the steps that you can follow to get rid of Playdough stains from your carpet. Just read through each step and follow the most applicable solution for you. Once you get the Playdough out of the carpet, then you can congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Just remember one thing when you’re trying to remove Playdough. Never use hot water at any point. You must always use cold water for dabbing and rinsing off. Hot or warm water can melt the clay, thereby compounding your problems. You certainly don’t want, do you?

However, not all stains are easy to remove. The Playdough problem you have may prove to be a lot tougher to remove. If that is the case, then be sure to call a professional carpet cleaner. They are the ones who can help you out when it comes to difficult stain problems. Hire them and get your problems with a stubborn stain fixed in no time.


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