Ten Cool Things You Can Do With Pavers!

Ah Pavers- what can’t they do? These highly customized tile pieces are incredibly DIY-friendly. Consider your yard a blank canvas and pavers the paint! Create the outdoor living set up of your dreams with these 10 cool Ideas for pavers.

1. Paver Stone Artwork/Mosaic Walkway

Pavers 1

Paver Walkway via Bahr’s Landscaping & Stoneworks

Impress all who survey your backyard with a beautiful paver mosaic. You can also implement a look like this for your driveway for instant curb appeal.

2. Grass and Paver Courtyard

Paver Idea 2

Paver Courtyard via SynLawn LA

There is nary a paver idea so stunning or a courtyard so tranquil. Create the zen garden of your dreams by replicating this paver and grass design. You can even use artificial grass!

3. Dramatic Tiered Walls and Steps

Paver Idea 3

Paver Wall via Jorge

Add pizazz to a multi level yard by incorporating beautiful paver retaining walls and steps. This project will instantly transform the look of your front yard and improve your overall curb appeal.

4. A Trimmed Raised Garden Bed

Paver Idea 4

Paver Garden Bed via PetScribbles

Take your garden plot to the next level by creating an attractive raised garden bed with stacked pavers. As an added bonus, raised garden beds help prevent weeds (provided you line the bottom with pavers too!)!

5. A Cozy Fire Pit

Paver Idea 5

Paver Fire Pit via David Spies

This summer, gather the family around your handbuilt paver fire pit. Think of all the fun bonding opportunities of campfire stories and smores!

6. Tiered Pool Wall

Paver Idea 6

Paver Pool Wall via Artistic Paver

Add a majestic tiered wall to make your pool look like something straight out of the pages of a luxury magazine. The little ones will love the increased cannonball splash capacity!

7. An Impressive Outdoor fireplace

Paver Idea 7

Paver Fireplace via Vic’s Landcape

Is there a sight more grand than a glowing, crackling fireplace? Your backyard parties will be the most coveted invite of the neighborhood.

8. Your Own Pond

Paver Idea 8

Paver Pond vis Acorn Landscaping

Create the aqua garden you’ve always dreamed of with fabulous pavers! You’ll never tire of gazing upon a cascading waterfall or colorful koi.

9. A Sandbox For Your Little One

Paver Idea 9

Paver Sandbox via Jenny Melrose

You can create a sandbox for you little for hours upon hours of spring and summer fun! All right in their own backyard!

10. A Gorgeous Patio

Paver Idea 10

Paver Patio vis Acorn Landscaping

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget that with pavers you can create a patio seating area anywhere you wish! Reclaim your backyard and extend your living space with a charming paver patio.

Love all these great ideas for utilizing pavers? Keep the outdoor decor inspiration flowing with these stunning DIY patio ideas, all for under $100!


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  • Callie Marie says:

    I love how versatile these pavers are for landscaping. The tiered walls and steps make that simple house really stand out. It would be cool to do something like this in my front yard. Our patio has seen better days, so this would be a nice replacement!

  • Ian Johanson says:

    Thanks for your ideas. I have wanted to add a water feature to my yard for a while. I just don’t want to have it in the ground and run the risk of anyone falling in. So, I love the idea of using pavers to make a raised bed where I could put the water feature.

  • I love that paver mosaic! We’re looking for a way to spruce up our curb appeal and considering our driveway needs to be redone anyway, I’d love to have one that looks like the picture. I especially love how the paving stones themselves don’t look perfectly straight in the pattern. That was such a great idea and I haven’t seen anything like it in our neighborhood, so thank you for the inspiration!

  • Nash Rich says:

    My mom went through this crazy paver phase when I was young, so we now have nice paths around our small farm. Though I love the paths, she stole a lot of sand out of my sandbox! I thought the outdoor fireplace was a great idea that I had never thought of before. I’ll have to show this to her because she loves this kind of stuff. Thanks!

  • Paul says:

    Beautiful work! Didn’t know you can do some much with your front and back yard. I think water features are the coolest.

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