2020 Trends in Kitchen Utensils

2020 Trends in Kitchen Utensils

Gone are the days when the choice of kitchen utensils was limited to cast iron and aluminum utensils. Modern homemakers have many more opportunities than their mothers or grandmothers. Contemporary designers and engineers turned their eyes to this area of ​​our life, so every season, the markets explode new trends in cooking utensils. Here are the most notable and relevant ones. Many personal travel blogs tell exciting details about kitchen utensils in different countries also. Stay with us and discover top-trends in this direction.

The End of the Stainless Steel Era

There is a point to any good interior design trend. Therefore, hideaway stainless steel appliances, fixtures and finishes, and go for items that are simpler in standard neutral tones or, conversely, “wild” with bright and patterned elements.


Eco-friendly Cookware

In connection with the craze for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, dishes did not go unnoticed. The leaders in this category are clay, wood, and glass products. They do not interact with food, do not emit harmful substances at high temperatures. And meat cooked in clay pots or pancakes served on a wooden tray is not only safe but also radiates positive energy, create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the house.


Cookware with Non-stick and Multilayer Coating

In part, non-stick cookware in itself is not an innovation today, but production and technology do not standstill. Such kitchen utensils also have other undoubted advantages. Due to the multi-layered design and glass-ceramic design, such dishes significantly increased the margin of safety and durability. The myth of its unsafe health is wholly dispelled. Multilayer pots and other cooking containers will appeal to thrifty homemakers.


Ceramic Knives

In continuation of the ceramic theme, it is worth noting blades from this material. Of course, this is a somewhat fragile kitchen accessory, but this minus is nothing compared to the mass of advantages. Ceramic blades do not lose their sharpness. They do not require sharpening for many years, regardless of the intensity of use. With their help, you can thinly chop even the most complex products that do not succumb to cutting with ordinary knives. For example, it can be soft cheeses or freshly baked bread. The ceramic blade is free from metal imperfections – it does not provoke oxidative reactions, and the products retain their original taste and color. Some personal travel blogs also show the difference in knives culture in various countries.


Materials: Inspiration from Nature

In the trend – natural or accurately imitating their materials. It can be ceramics or high-quality plastic, glass and stone, wood, and even textiles. The texture of trending dishes is neither rough nor deliberately simple. Trendy tableware 2020 can be very smooth, at first glance, even high-tech. Nevertheless, it leaves an impression of naturalness, natural tactile warmth. The first place, of course, is for ceramics. And here it appears in a dual role. The first is the material itself: a very environmentally friendly, very “hygge,” harmonious companion of many accessories, not afraid of mixing styles. And the second is the texture of the finished dishes. Those who are familiar with Caucasian ceramic plates will immediately remember the grapevine protruding above the surface of the ceramic glazed jug. Today such bulk sculpting is very popular. It completely satisfies the need of a modern person for texture, for natural irregularities, roughness – for what is so lacking in everyday urban life.


Cutting Boards and Utensils for Serving from Bamboo

This material for making kitchen utensils is an excellent alternative to wood. It is quickly grown in artificial conditions, so bamboo dishes and cutting boards will appeal to eco-style adherents. Besides, unlike wood, bamboo has higher strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Chips, cracks, or micro-cuts are not formed on its surface, which means that there is no medium for the propagation of microbes.


Combined Composition

Manufacturers of dishes and kitchen utensils are increasingly taking the best from materials alone and adding them to traditional ones. The most suitable component for this “supplement” is silicone. It does not rust, does not crumble, does not interact with products, withstands high temperatures, and conducts heat poorly. From this material, in combination with metal, wood, ceramics, durable and safe kitchen utensils are obtained.


Silicone Dishes and Accessories

Silicone is truly the material of the future. It has been widely used in the manufacture of baking dishes, heat-resistant mitts, and kitchen utensils for cooking. In the kitchen, silicone qualities such as flexibility, ease of storage, temperature resistance, non-stick characteristics are evaluated.


Non-Standard Forms

In 2020, asymmetric plates, dishes, and cups will become accessible again. Dishes can look avant-garde. The main thing is that it retains its practicality and it is convenient for you to eat or drink from it. The rest is a matter of taste. Square, triangular, rectangular objects, as well as containers with bends and relief, are in fashion.


Deep Drawers

In the search for storage places, homemakers increasingly prefer deep interior areas, for example, drawers with plenty of space for things and kitchen accessories. Such roomy drawers must be placed next to high traffic and cooking areas.



We live in the 21st century, so why compromise. Keeping up with the latest developments in household appliances and kitchen accessories, you will enjoy the simplest household chores. Our life consists of little things and a daily routine, so why not give it aesthetics and comfort! Please share your ideas about utensils. We would like to know your opinion!

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