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Are you tired of seeing images of sweeping, grand bathrooms with what feel like pool sized bathtubs and showers with thirty jets of glorious steamy programmable hot water goodness? Stick around. Do you have one of those bathrooms that you can’t even walk into so much as do a sideways slide because it’s so cramped? How do you make such a space functional? How do you create a space that doesn’t stress you out the moment you enter?

What Do You Do With That Small Bathroom?

We’ve got a couple of tips to help you turn that bathroom into a functional little oasis.

Tip 1 – Patterns in all the right places! You may want to consider getting rid of the busy patterns altogether. They’re trendy, yes… that said, they have a tendency to really shrink small spaces quite a bit. But, if you love them you can still incorporate pattern into your bathroom in small specific ways: a small wrapping mosaic, floor tile, and textured accents. Overall, try to stick with light natural hues and when you do use patterns make them count!

Tip 2 – Ditch the shower curtain. In small bathrooms it’s important to extend the visual space as much as possible. Shower curtains block and create a false wall. Consider installing a clear glass shower door. If your space allows you can install a hinged door but if not you can go with sliding glass.

Tip 3 – Storage is perhaps the biggest key to maximizing the potential of a small bathroom! Consider a vanity with a storage system inside. You might be able to cut into the walls to create storage space. Use the corners for shelving, hooks for linens. Any way you cut it, the cleaner and tidier the space the bigger the space appears.

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