4 Questions to Help You Find the Right Contractor

Choosing a contractor for your remodeling project is going to be the most important decision you’ll make during your project. Finding the right contractor for you and your project will help ensure quality work completed in a timely fashion. Above all, it’s going to measure the amount of stress this remodel is going to heap upon you. There’s no such thing as a perfect contractor any more than there’s such a thing as a stress-free remodeling project. That said; go in with the right questions and the right background knowledge and you seriously increase the odds of finding a competent contractor to help you realize a successful remodel!

What Questions Should You Ask?


Question 1 – Do You Have All The Proper Forms Of Insurance?

Sure, this seems simple enough but not enough people ask. Beyond that, most people don’t follow through and verify that the contractor does in fact have coverage. The last thing you want is an injured workman on your site working for a contractor that doesn’t have any sort of workman’s compensation.

Question 2 – How Long Have You Been In Business?

You might be wondering, in the grand scheme of things, what kind of importance this question has. The answer, a lot! How long a contractor/remodeler has been in business alone gives you a wealth of information. If a contractor has made it five years or more in the business then they’re probably a lot more secure and financially stable. A contractor that’s been in business for several years has built up a network of supplies and subcontractors and above all, that contractor has a reputation to uphold. What this question ultimately translates to is greater reassurance that your contractor will actually be around down the line to follow up on any sort of warranty and service claims.

Question 3 – Will You Give Me An Itemized Bid at a Fixed Price?

In spite of the best laid plans there are changes in almost every remodeling project. Getting an itemized bid for the project helps you better understand what costs are associated with each task. Should you decide to change something you’ll have a much better idea of what that change is going to cost or save you! It’s also going to make it easier to compare their bid to their competitors. Should any complications arise down the line having that itemized bid is valuable evidence for resolving disputes. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them to get in there and examine your space well enough to give you a fixed price plan. You don’t need a bill that is astronomically different from the contractors bid price.

Question 4 – Can I See Some References Please?

It’s not so much about asking for references but about asking for specific references. Ask for a reference from a current or recently completed project, as well as for one from several years ago. This loops back around to whether or not this potential contractor has good, established relationships with his clients. Most importantly, actually follow through on the references. A lot of people feel uncomfortable committing to contacting a reference. It can really be outside our comfort zone. But remember, you’re probably spending several thousand dollars on this job. Can you afford not to do your due diligence?

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