5 Bedroom Decor Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

5 Bedroom Decor Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

There is no more important place in your home than the bedroom. It is your haven and retreat from all the stress and mania of a busy day. But have you put much thought into its decor and how that could help improve your rest and relaxation?

So many of us neglect bedroom design in favor of equipping the kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances or maybe sprucing up the reception areas to perfection. It’s just a place to sleep, right? Wrong. The bedroom should be tranquil and agreeable.

Sleep is one of the most important contributors to a healthy lifestyle. It prolongs our lives, reduces stress, and keeps us alert and happy. Must we go on? So, what can you do to add a dapper touch to the bedroom décor? Here are five tips that will help you get a better night’s sleep.

Symbolism can work miracles

Symbols have induced entire nations to war, fanaticism or collective national pride by promoting specific triggers in the brain. The same can be applied to getting a good night’s rest. For children, such symbols are their cuddly animal or the bedtime storybook on the nightstand. For adults, these could include pillows, Indian dream catchers or other iconography such as quiet pictures on the walls.

Dreamcatcher decor

Incorporating iconography into your bedroom decor can help boost sleep quality. Photo from iStock.

Choose the right color

Do you really want to stare at a bright red ceiling first thing before bed? The color denotes anger, violence, and danger. Go for something soothing like green, peach, taupe, light blue or subtle shades of yellow. The hues in your bedroom have to create a restful and serene sanctuary. Preferably, you must feel warm and cozy in the winter and fresh and airy in the summer.

Choose the right mattress and bed

Your bed is the central piece of furniture in the bedroom, and it needs to look the part.  The wrong sleeping surface can wreak havoc on your back. Remember the benefits of sleep we talked about, well you won’t be getting many of those if you keep waking up during the night or suffer from aches. Do not skimp and get yourself the best night’s sleep. There are great sites that can guide you like Top Mattress where they provide useful information and reviews.

Kick the TV to the curb

A bedroom is a place of sleep and not some extension of the family room or the office. Anything like a TV, smartphone or a laptop emits lights that affect our circadian schedule, altering the body’s natural light senses. Sure, you barely notice flat screens, but a nice painting or photograph looks so much better on the wall. And you will get so much more reading done, improving your knowledge and language skills while at the same drifting off to sleep.

bedroom decor tips - turn off your phone

Eliminate light from TVs, phones, and iPads in order to sleep better. Photo from iStock.

Light a fire

If you have the urge to spurge, install a fireplace. Not only does it exude warmth and coziness, but also the right inglenook adds a certain romantic vibe to the space. The dim light and the crackling of the wood have something decidedly relaxing about them. If you think a real fireplace is too dangerous especially at night, then go for an electric one.


So, remember these words when you are setting out to redecorate your home because the bedroom is, in fact, the most important room there is. The right décor has a considerable impact on the way you sleep. Getting it right will influence the way you wake up the following morning. So, say goodbye to grouchy and hello to the happy and sharp you.

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