7 Great Kitchen Countertop Appliances

There are kitchen countertop appliances for everything you could ever dream of making. Some of those appliances are practical and essential. Some are perhaps a bit frivolous but nevertheless fantastic little devices. Some of these gadgets are just downright ridiculous. We’re running down some of the old standards and the new favorites for your kitchen countertop!


The blender is absolutely essential in the kitchen. Smoothies, daiquiris, soups, you name it! There are plenty of things you just can’t make without a blender. The trick is to get a blender that really meets your personal needs. Many people do just fine with a standard blender but some really need a powerful machine. Vitamix, Ninja, and NutriBullet all offer different levels of power and capability from the traditional blender.

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Slow Cooker

The good ‘ol slow cooker is great for busy bees. Pop in some chicken and rotel and when you get home you’re well on your way to chicken tacos. A lot of people view the slow cooker as a cold weather appliance but the slow cooker is fantastic for hot days. Throw in a pork roast with some apple cider vinegar, water, and onions and set it to slow before you leave the house in the morning. By the time you get home all you need to do is drain shred and add some barbeque sauce and voila! You’re dining on pull pork sandwiches and your kitchen is as cool as it was in the morning.

Stand Mixer

Everyone who loves to bake needs a stand mixer in their kitchen arsenal. From pizza dough to cupcakes the ease of production that a stand mixer affords is priceless. The stand mixer is your personal sturdy little helper allowing you to prep other things and manage other tasks while it faithfully does it’s job.

K-cup Coffee Maker

These coffee makers make mornings bearable again. Weekday mornings are rough without a cup of coffee but who wants to brew up a whole pot when you’re only around long enough for a cup? Not cool, not cool at all. K-cup brewers allow you to make yourself that cup of coffee without any hassle while you get ready. You’re not wasting a bunch of coffee or making coffee that’s too weak or strong because you’re trying to adjust to make a smaller amount.

Countertop Appliances

Food Processor

If you truly enjoy cooking you really need to have a food processor at your disposal. The food processor is the work horse of all kitchen countertop devices. They excel at slicing, chopping, grating, blending, mixing, pureeing and kneading.

Soda Maker

Store bought soda is chocked full of additives and sodium not to mention the absurdly high levels of sugar. Beyond that we’ve learned how bad for you diet sodas can be. What’s a fan of the fizz supposed to do when you need your fix? Make your own soda at home with your very own soda machine. These compact countertop devices are perfect for keeping that sugar intake in check while still getting to have the soda you love.

Vacuum Sealer

Get the most life out of your food products with the use of a vacuum sealer. These handy little devices can allow you to buy items in bulk and freeze quantities for later, keep your produce fresher, and keep your leftovers longer. You will save money and keep your food fresher for much longer. What’s not to love?!

Bonus: Sous Vide Machine

Sous vide is on the horizon. It’s no where near mainstream yet but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great kitchen countertop appliance. Sous vide is a French method for cooking food in vacuum sealed bags in a temperature controlled water bath. The temperature is often very low and it can take a couple days to cook a steak but you’ll love the results and be hooked in no time. This would be the perfect gift for any aspiring chefs out there!

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