8 Bathroom Decor Hacks

The bathroom is the smallest room in your house, so your decorative touches simply must combine function and beauty. Check out these 8 bathroom decor hacks for a fabulous, yet organized bathroom!

Apothecary Jars

Embrace your toiletries. Display them in attractive containers so they are incorporated into your bathroom decor. Take the items out of their commercial packaging, and instead store them in attractive glass jars and mirrored tin cans.

Bathroon Toiletries

Toiletries As Bathroom Decor via The Farmhouse Porch

Decorative Tray

Instead of just placing items on the counter, artfully displaying them in a beautiful tray can have a dramatic effect on the whole bathroom. Select a statement tray, then add a few key items like your hand towels, a vase, and a mirror or decorative soaps. Keep the rest of the counter clear for the optimum effect.

Bathroom Tray

Bathroom Accents via The Everyday Home


Unique Hand Towel Holder

Creative and attractive, a wine rack is a great way to add style to your bathroom. Wine racks have attractive features like intricate metal designs and provide excellent space for hand towel storage. For the best look, use a combination of patterned and solid hand towels in a similar color scheme.

Wine Rack for Towels

Wine Rack for Guest Towels via One More Time Events

Mason Jars

These floating mason jars are incredibly easy to install and are a great twist on the traditional toothbrush cup. You can add ribbons to the rims, or even paint the mason jars to personalize this look. If you are using the mason jars in your guest bath, fill the jars with decorative trinkets like colored stones or flowers instead.

Mason Jar Storage

Bathroom Mason Jars via Lolly Jane

Rustic Ladder

Ladders inside the home are becoming increasingly popular. Apply a light coat of paint to a wooden ladder to easily replicate this rustic cottage look for your bathroom. Hang decorative or crisp white extra towels on the ladder rungs instead of your tried and true normal towel. If your ladder rungs are wide enough, you could mix in jars or other artistic elements with your towels.

Statement Towel Hook

Don’t be afraid to get creative and inventive with your towel hooks. It’s fairly easily to hang just about any object on the wall, so really let your personality or decor theme shine through!

Interesting Towel Hook

Repurposed Game Piece via Thistlewood

Overhead Shelving

Vertical storage is a great idea for bathrooms. It helps free up counter space for decorative elements, and an overhead shelf or basket is an attractive feature itself. If you have enough space, you can also use your extra shelving for decorative jars or other vignette items.

Bathroom Overhead Storage

Small Space Tips via The 2 Seasons

A Shower Curtain Valance

Make your bathroom look like one from Waldorf Astoria by adding a shower curtain valance!
This style looks best when you select bold, but simple patterns.

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