A Bit of the Blues

There was a time when rooms drenched with heavy, deep dark colors were quite trendy and fashionable. These days our love of color is just as strong but tempered by a desire to create a space that endures beyond the trend and cashes in on a look that skews a bit more timeless. Accents walls have become a great way to bring color in while keeping rooms light enough to weather to coming changes to the style landscape.

Perhaps the best thing about this type of look is that it’s easy to achieve and doesn’t break the bank. Highlighting one wall and supporting it with accents around the room can be a much more cost effective way to achieve a fresh, updated look than a complete style overhaul. Let’s check out some beautiful ways this is achieved with using blue.

Living Spaces

Blue is a wonderful color for the home. It can be bright, bold, and invigorating or it can be soft and soothing. It’s really shines in your home’s living spaces and as you can see below there are a lot of options when using blue in these rooms. Hints of blue and accent walls can go a long way to create an inviting space in your common living spaces.


Blue works it’s magic in the bedroom perhaps better than any other space in the home. It’s natural ability to calm and relax can be an incredible asset in your home’s private spaces.

Dining Room

Dining rooms don’t have to feel so overwhelmingly formal with some well placed accents and the right color.

Aménagement appartement Marseille



Blue highlights in the kitchen can really brighten up a space that always benefits from cool color palates. Especially when it can be utilized in a space that receives a lot of natural light.


Courtyard House


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