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School’s out and it’s time to find ways to keep the kids occupied… and maybe, just maybe, out of your hair! It’s time to release them to the wild; it’s time to tell them, “Go outside and play”. It’s easy to turn your backyard into an oasis of imagination for your kids. We’ve got ideas for every budget that will turn your backyard play land into a backyard wonderland!

Covered Outdoor Play Area

Perhaps you’ve noticed it’s hot in Texas. Way hot. What’s better than a covered play area for the kids to keep them out of the harsh Sun? Hang up a basketball hoop and let the games begin! It’s a great space for them to dream and explore all that their imagination provides them. It’s also a really versatile space. Use if for entertaining friends and build in a storage shed in the back!


In-Ground Trampoline

A lot of people have concerns related to trampolines and their safety. You can remove a lot of the concern and none of the fun by installing an in-ground trampoline. With an in-ground trampoline you’re removing the much of the chances of falling down onto the ground because the trampoline is flush with the ground. It’s still important to monitor your children’s time on the trampoline because improper usage can result in injury but by installing it in the ground you’ve lessened that chance.

There’s some other obvious benefits from having an in-ground trampoline installed. A trampoline low to the ground is much less of an eyesore than the traditional ones. Beyond that you’re also protect from strong winds picking it up and depositing it somewhere it can cause a lot of costly damage.


Keep Them Cool!

Summer is hot! It’s especially hot in Texas and sometimes those kiddos just need to play in the water. Here’s a couple of great water games and activities that you can keep them entertained with while they cool off! The best part of these ideas are that you don’t need to keep a constant vigil over them as they play the way you’d need to if they were in a pool!

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Tree Top Play Land

Okay, so you’re not going to build them the McMansion of tree houses but the idea is there. What kid wouldn’t want to pass their summer day away in a fort, playhouse, or treehouse of their own? The answer to that is precious few.


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