Beat the Heat Outdoors!

It is possible to live in Texas and enjoy the outdoors between the months of May to September. There are plenty of tricks to beat the heat and lots of design options to help you outsmart the angry glare of the Sun. We’ve put together several ways you can enhance your outdoor space to create a haven from the heat. We’ve also tossed in a couple of neat tips for keeping cool in your new fancy spaces!


Pergolas are structures that are often used to support vines that form a canopy which results in shade from the Sun to those underneath. There are several types of vines that grow quickly and can withstand the Texas heat. Check out Coral Vine, Carolina Jessamine and Morning Glory. For those of you with more patience you could train a grapevine up the columns onto the beams above.

Outdoor Cool Pro Tip #1 – Serve some delicious iced mint tea under your gorgeous pergola. Mint is a cooling herb that not only tastes amazing but can help your body cool.


A gazebo is a freestanding open structure with a roof. Gazebos provide shelter from the Sun while providing an open view to the surrounding areas. Gazebos are attractive and can make a great addition to any yard. They’re particularly desirable for outdoor shelter that doesn’t have to be affixed to the home’s structure.

Outdoor Cool Pro Tip #2 – Bring out some old school fans. Most people haven’t considered using a fan outside but it’s a great way to create a breeze. You can set up a couple if you really want to get the air circulating. Up the cooling power by putting a bucket of ice in front of the fan to swirl about even more sweet, sweet coolness.

Covered Patio

The addition of a covered patio may be all you need to turn your outdoor summer wasteland into a outdoor summer destination. Covered patios have the overall advantage of providing a roof that can protect your outdoor furniture, entertainment components and family from the elements. Another great aspect of a covered patio is that you can easily wire it for electricity.


Outdoor Cool Pro Tip #3 – Frozen stuff is great for the heat of the summer. Make some delightful juice pops or toss some grapes in the freezer. Consuming frosty beverages, food and pops help lower your body temperature which keeps you cool as a cucumber!


A cabana is a lightweight structure with an open side facing a pool (or beach) but can also face out to a garden. It’s a fairly tent-like space that houses a living space. Some cabanas can sport elaborate living rooms or dining spaces and some are designed to provide basic shelter from the Sun and changing facilities. Frequently the sides are fabric/linens and this structure can be temporary or permanent.

Outdoor Cool Pro Tip #4 – Need to cool your outdoor beverages in a jiffy? Wrap a wet paper towel around your beverage and pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and it will be delightfully chilly and ready for enjoying in the heat!

Outdoor Living Pavilion

This is pretty much the ultimate when it comes being able to beat the heat with your outdoor living. It’s covered and can accommodate an outdoor kitchen. The sky is pretty much the limit here. You can add a comfy living space; you can even add a nice dining space. Live the dream, people, live the dream!

Outdoor Cool Pro Tip #5 – Water! Got a pool? Then consider yourself lucky and don’t let anyone catch you complaining about the heat. If you’re not so lucky get yourself a sprinkler, slip-in-slide or have a good old fashioned water balloon fight. Do what you gotta do.

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