Life’s A Beach (Pool)! 3 Big Considerations to Having Your Own Pool

Have you spent the last few summers trying to stay cool at the community pool, maybe your neighbor’s pool, or that snake-filled creek down the road? Does the idea of having your very own pool become more and more intriguing every hot season? If you’re considering taking the leap and putting in your own pool take a moment to evaluate these important considerations.

It’s Going To Cost You

The pool, most likely, will be in the five figures to install. If you make the decision to install a pool make sure you get quotes from several contractors and don’t fall for any “Today’s Special” discounts. A contractor that tries to get your business by locking you in a deal that’s only good right then and there is probably not someone you want to do business with.



Depending on where you live you’re also going to shell out more money for your insurance. And your insurance company may want you to take certain steps to reduce liability as much as possible. Fences, locks, and alarms all add to the overall price tag associated with having a pool.

When you install a pool you are committing to a lifetime (or at least as long as you live there) of maintenance fees associated with having a pool. Chemicals, a service, a vacuum, new pumps… whatever route you decide to go you can be assured that you will have costs related to the general upkeep of your pool.

Above Ground or In-Ground

This can be a tough choice for a lot of potential pool owners. Above ground pools are not considered structures by most municipalities and so therefore they do not usually lead to increased property taxes the way an in-ground pool will. Also, if you have young children it’s easier to secure an above ground pool for safety concerns.


In-ground pools have several advantages themselves. First of all, they tend to be significantly more aesthetically pleasing. You’ll also find that more serious swimmers tend to prefer in-ground pools because they offer more flexibility and provide better exercise options.


Check Those Vitals!

Hope you like routine and habits! You’re going to need to incorporate all sorts of ritual into your life that revolve around your pool. Keeping that pool clear and crisp doesn’t just happen on its own. You’re going to need to check the chlorine and chemical levels, clean the filter traps, and skim the pool… and you’re going to need to do that stuff on an almost daily basis.



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