Replacing an Old Shower Head

Pretty much every home has at least one really pathetic shower head. Have fun getting all of that frothy shampoo out of your hair when the water is barely allowed to trickle out of your shower head. What about that one spot where the water streams out so intensely that if your eye was to accidently cross it’s path you’d surely be blinded? There’s just no reason to deal with this day after day. As it happens, and lucky for you, changing out the shower head yourself really isn’t as hard as you probably think.

 Replacing Your Old Shower Head



It could be that your shower head doesn’t actually need replacing. Mineral deposits can build up and result in low water pressure. If this is the case you can try a couple different techniques to clean the shower head and restore it to it’s former glory! Start by wiggling the small nozzles on the shower head. This should allow some of the deposits to be dislodged and instantly improve it’s functionality. Next, take a Ziploc back that fits around your shower head, fill it with vinegar and tie a rubber band around the neck of the shower head. Leave the vinegar to do it’s work for a few hours and when it’s done run the shower for a few minutes to clear out the deposits.

Check Out These Beauties

While not practical for most of us it’s still fun to check out all sorts of gorgeous and luxurious shower heads. Yes, most of these are probably too difficult for must of us to install ourselves but we’re just dreaming right now. Where’s the harm in that?!

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