The Many Uses of Glass Block for adding Beauty to your Bathroom

By Ken Bowman of Masonry & Glass Systems, Inc.
Photos Courtesy of Masonry & Glass Systems, Inc.

Every article discussing the value of your home will tell you that remodeling and updating your Master Bathroom is worth the time, effort and money.

glass-block-bathroom-windowIncluding Glass Block in your project will enhance the beauty of your bathroom and increase the resale value of your home even more. Glass blocks come in a variety of patterns and options to meet your specific architectural style. The proper mortar will provide waterproofing in a wet environment.

Glass Blocks have always been the ultimate in custom building, adding “curb appeal” to your home. They can be clear, patterned or colored, used in flooring and landscaping and can even be illuminated.

glass-block-shower2New homes are now being built with large master baths that will accommodate a large “doorless” shower. But more often these days, we are staying in place and remodeling our current homes which may not have room for such large showers. A doorless glass block shower is a must-have custom feature. The glass block will provide light and privacy you will not get with many standard glass shower doors. The added benefit of not having to clean a shower glass door, is every homeowners dream. Discuss with your glass block professional the options of round corners or square corners for your shower based on the size and layout of your master bathroom.


Another option is to replace your bathroom window with obscure glass blocks will brighten up the room and allow you to do away with those curtains and blinds that get so dusty. There are numerous patterns, colors and frosted glass blocks to choose from to reflect your personality.

An additional benefit of glass blocks is that they provide security to your home since most bathroom windows do not have an alarm sensor on them. Replacing or adding glass block windows in your garage will give your garage more light and security.


Removing your old window and installing glass blocks is done without any alterations to the surrounding area on the outside and can be completed in one day.

This is also a great time to pick a beautiful new tile for the shower and update the faucets and handles. The many Kitchen & Bath Showrooms around town have all the latest shower heads and faucets and many qualify for adding “Green” elements to your home.

The many uses and timeless beauty of glass block will enhance the value of your home especially in your master bathroom. Ask your Remodeling Professional about using glass blocks for your home remodeling project.

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