You Can Turn That Into a Bathroom Vanity?

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By Rebecca Gross of Houzz

A bathroom vanity needn’t be straight out of the shop or supplied by a manufacturer or cabinetmaker. Indeed, thinking outside the square can turn up a one-of-a-kind vanity with character and function to boot. Sideboards, desks and cabinets — whether new or used — can all be repurposed to provide storage and surface space. Here are 13 pieces of furniture that have been cleaned up and repurposed as stylish bathroom vanities.

1. Blueprint, map or art cabinet. These cabinets have shallow drawers stacked for filing papers and documents flat. The one here — wide enough for two sinks — may have required customizing to increase the depth and functionality of each drawer.


2. Antique bureau. An old desk is usually reserved for seated work. But adapted as a bathroom vanity, it aids in work of a different kind: the act of getting ready for the day or washing up before bed. The sturdy bureau looks right at home in this bathroom, and the drawers on each side leave room for the overmount sink and plumbing.

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3. Student desk. This simple desk provides all that is needed for a bathroom vanity with three side drawers and counter space. The white undermount basin prevents the single drawer from being used, but the granite top with ledge provides plenty of surface space and protects the wood.

5. Stylish credenza. A buffet or sideboard is a long and low piece of furniture most often found in a dining or living room. Though it’s typically used for storing utensils, table linens, serving dishes and the like, it provides lots of functional storage and surface space when repurposed as a bathroom vanity. This one has circular design details that contrast with the rectangular wall tiles. Its light khaki color and wood top add warmth to the room.

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6. Midcentury sideboard. The style of sideboard will strongly influence the final vanity look. This midcentury sideboard is somewhat narrow in width, with two sliding doors underneath, but it still has plenty of room for the countertop. The retro vanity complements the color palette of the bathroom for a soft and modern look.

8. Console. This antique console was designed to be placed against a wall. It has a shallow depth so as not to obstruct passage around it, which also makes it a great choice for a bathroom in which space is at a premium. The console has been transformed into a double vanity with a full countertop that suits its traditional style.

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9. Altar or hall table. This table from China was repurposed into a simple bathroom vanity. It has a square sink that sits atop the surface, which suits the rectangular and geometric woodwork details.

11. Chest of drawers. Take an old chest of drawers and add a sink, faucets and plumbing, and presto, you have a bathroom vanity. This antique pine bureau is now living a second life, with a curved overmount bowl that complements its soft lines.

12. Cabinet. A cabinet is any box-shaped piece of furniture with doors or drawers — in this case just the one door. This little rough-and-ready cabinet-turned-vanity adds a rustic touch to a soft and sweet country-style bathroom.

13. Butcher’s block. The butcher’s block is a durable wooden surface that has become a sought-after domestic addition. While it’s most often seen in kitchens, here it has been transformed into a bathroom vanity, fitting neatly into a compact space. The sink has been installed on top of the table, and the plumbing is visible below. While there are no drawers or cupboards, there is still enough space for bathroom essentials.

Tell us: Have you repurposed a piece of furniture as a bathroom vanity? Upload a picture to the Comments below.

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