Kids' Bedrooms

Everyone needs their own private space to unwind in, even the kids. Here’s some easy ways to keep your kids’ bedrooms clean and tidy and to help you keep your sanity!


Oh, the toys!! So many toys! Kids accumulate a lot of stuff and you need to have sufficient space to put it. It’s hard enough to get kids to pick up after themselves in the first place so don’t make a lack of storage space another hurdle. Storage beds are a great option if you don’t have a room with lots places to put those kiddie treasures. It also has the added benefit of making it much harder to shove everything under the bed!

Rug Tiles

Wherever you find a kid you’re going to find a mess. It just happens; they can’t help themselves. Make life easier on yourself and protect your spaces and make sure to minimize the potential damage. Rug tiles and carpet blocks are a great idea for protecting floors while also being easy to clean the inevitable messes. The picture below is a rug from Flor which makes cleaning so much easier than with your traditional rugs.

Washable Walls

Walls are a magnet to a child with a writing utensil. Paint their room with a washable paint. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief in the long run. Better yet, paint one wall with chalkboard paint and allow them to have their very own art wall.

Let Them Be Cool

Every kids just wants a space where they can be themselves and let their imagination run wild. Allow them to let their rooms be a reflection of themselves and their interests.

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What ideas do you have for keeping your kids bedrooms in check? Do you have any kid room disaster stories? Share your ideas and hacks in the comments below!

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