For those who are looking for bathroom ideas and want to find vanity units for different sizes of bathrooms, we’ve put together a list of the best out there, on the market. With so many vanity options, you’ll be able to clearly see which is the best for your needs and choose a new toilet or cabinet that’ll transform your bathroom.

Small Vanities To Make Your Bathroom Stunning

Do you have a small bathroom and you’re wondering how to fit a vanity in? There are lots of options even for bathrooms with less space than the average-sized bathroom. Sinks with cabinets not only look beautiful but also double up as practical space by providing storage opportunities. Opt for a classic, boxy type design if you’re limited with bathroom space. These types of vanities will still come in a range of delightful colors to complement any bathroom suite. Just because you have a small space, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to miss out on the vanity unit!

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Budget Vanities Needn’t Be Boring

Even if you have a strict budget, you can still select a character-full vanity cabinet for your bathroom. Consider upcycling an old vintage cabinet, which can be picked up with a little bit of searching, you can still find your dream vanity at a lower-end price and save some significant money. More often than not, pre-owned vanities will simply require a little bit of TLC. Painting can usually do the trick in this case and, you’ll have a piece of bathroom furniture that is as good as new!

Oversized Vanity Cabinets For Family Bathrooms

If you have a family bathroom in need of a new sink, oversized vanity cabinets are a great option. Multiple people can access the vanity when needed making it great for families with children who may need to be in the bathroom at the same time. Larger vanity options are perfect for storing away toiletries and, this can be especially useful in family homes. Oversized vanity cabinets come in a range of styles including both modern designs and classical. With a larger bathroom space, you’ll want to go for the bigger option as this will naturally balance out the overall feel of the room from a design perspective.

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Contemporary Vanities

So many bathroom trends today point towards a more contemporary setting, with sleek, fixtures and furniture that draws upon strong lines and a monochrome palette. Consider adding one to your own bathroom if you’re hoping to achieve a simple and refined look that doesn’t fall short on style. These types of vanities are paired perfectly with a rounded mirror above them or coordinating fixtures such as basic lighting elements and artwork.

Vanities With Sinks And Shelves There are lots of vanity options out there that contain shelving space for storage and these are excellent for those who like to add a decorative aspect to their bathroom. Shelf vanities give the option to store folded towels, toiletries, candles and more. When choosing a vanity like this for your own bathroom be sure that it’s easy to install to save on time and fuss. With a shelf element, you’ll need to factor in a little extra time for assembling.

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Choosing Your Vanity With so many options to consider when it comes to bathroom vanities, you may still be left wondering which is right for you. Take budget, space and style into consideration and you’ll make the choice easier. There are plenty of ideas and inspiration from bellabathrooms including toilets and sink units as well as a range of beautiful, varied vanities for every type of bathroom.

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