Brighten Your Home While Saving Money

Brighten Your Home While Saving Money

Dan Marshall, of Innovative Skylights, sheds light on why natural light could add many benefits to not only your home, but your pocket book.

Did you know that  natural, energy efficient light  is better for your health, enjoyment and value of your home? You are eligible to receive a 30% federal tax credit on qualifying purchases and installation of skylights. The rebate includes certain sun tunnel skylights with solar powered night lights, solar powered fresh-air skylights and solar powered skylight blinds.

Adding a sun tunnel skylight, also known as tubular skylights, is a cost-effective way to bring natural light to small spaces such as powder and laundry rooms, kitchenettes, hallways or other tight spaces that need a brighter, more vibrant appearance.

Sun tunnels are great addition to work areas. Photo courtesy of Innovative Skylights.

Sun tunnels come into two sizes, 14 inch and 10 inch. One 10 inch sun tunnel provides approximately 100 square feet of natural light. Multiple sun tunnels can be used to brighten up larger spaces such as kitchens, family rooms and home offices.  Their low-profile design creates a sleek appearance on any roofline where installation of a skylight or roof window is not possible. Sun tunnel skylights fit between ceiling beams, allowing sunlight to travel from the roof to the space below uninhibited.

Even when the sun goes down, your sun tunnel skylight, with the added option of a solar night light, provides your space with a soft, soothing light from above. The solar night light captures sunlight and charges its battery to power the night lights’ LED bulbs.

No more dark hallways. Photo from Innovative Skylights.

When hiring a skylight company it is best to look for an experienced installer. A professional installer knows how to determine the position of your skylights or sun tunnels to maximize natural light and energy efficiency.

When planning your new home, or the remodel of your current one, take some time to consider skylights and sun tunnels as a beautiful enhancement that also provides comfort to you and your family while conserving the energy we all share.

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