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Is it time to breathe some new life into your bedroom? If you’re looking to give your bedroom a makeover we’ve got a couple ideas that won’t break the bank but will have you sleeping soundly in no time!

Bedrooms are supposed to be places of rest, rejuvenation, and romance. If you’re feeling the need for a bedroom makeover it could be that you’re trying to make this space into more than it should be. For starters, your bedroom should not be a second living room or a home office. If you have a television or desk in your room it’s well worth considering a possible relocation for those items.

No More Clutter

It’s time to get rid of the stuff in your bedroom that doesn’t actually get to the heart of what you’re bedroom should be all about. A cluttered room is not restful and in reality it’s actually quite a stress trigger. Evaluate the items in your room and decide what is going to be donated to a worthy organization, what’s too beat up and needs to be permanently retired, and what stays. Once you clear the clutter from your bedroom you’ll feel so much more calm and relaxed. That one change will immediately change the way you view your bedroom!

DIY Headboard

If there’s one sure thing that all the home DIY shows from the 90s taught us it’s that you can make a headboard and it can change the whole room! There are a million and one ideas out there can help you define your style and personalize your bedroom better than anything else.
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Get a Handle on the Knobs

Check out all the knobs and handles throughout your room. Check out your closet and bedroom doors, your dressers, nightstands. You’re not going to be able to change and replace all of them but you can probably update some of them and that update could make really help change the look of your room!

Treat Your Windows Right

Changing up your window treatments can make a huge difference in your bedroom’s look and feel and this is another DIY project that can make a big impact while also being economically fiscal! You can make a cornice, roman shades, traditional curtains or any combo that you like!
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