Cheap And Easy Fixes For The Biggest Small Bathroom EVER!

By Ash Stevens

The shower, toilet, and sink may be the most important part of the bathroom, but that hardly means they’re all we need room for. All those towels, cleaning supplies, makeup bottles, and bath toys still need a place to call home — whether or not there’s a counter or a medicine cabinet. Thank to Pinterest, the suffering of homeowners everywhere can finally be put to ease. Whether you’re looking for storage, convenience, or extra space, here’s the latest and greatest in making the most of that little bathroom!


Towel Racks and storage bins can now go a la door thanks to overdoor storage racks. An added bonus is that they’ll keep things behind the door out of sight to any quick visitors. But if you’re hardcore about savings — have no fear! Those big metal coffee cans great Aunt Rhonda keeps in the garage can be turned into tin towel organizers. Pick up some of Auntie’s extra wooden storage crates while you’re picking up those coffee tins and you can have stackable nail-free shelving.

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If you’re dealing with extra-tight quarters and really need extra space, invest in some metal organization with magnets. Keep things hidden and tidy and make magnetic metal part of your medicine cabinet. If you need even more space or you want to spice up your bathroom style, get that magnet board out in the open. Colorful hooks and decorative tins could mingle with your favorite magnets and pictures for a funky modern edge that offers both convenience and aesthetic appeal. Fix the end of those cabinets with racks, hooks, or shelves and you’ll have all the storage style you could ever need.    


You’d think that it would be easier to find things in a smaller bathroom because less space naturally means less stuff, right? Wrong. It’s not easier so much as it is awkward and uncomfortable and reminiscent of some strange new form of yoga. Spare yourself the twisting and digging around with some simple bins, baskets, and storage trays. Pedestal sinks can house wheeled bins beneath them — and kept out of sight with a simple velcroed sink skirt — while cabinets can have roll-out bins and trays screwed into place.

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If you have young ones, then seating is a must. Yes, you’d think a small bathroom should save every inch of space for shuffling around, but a seat offers a place to wait out potty training sessions and to strip down rambunctious toddlers for their bath. A sturdy step stool is a great candidate as it’s small and it can be used for sitting as well as for reaching the sink, but a storage seat may be worth the investment of bathroom space. It can serve as a reading spot while you wait for toddlers to splash themselves out in the bath, and the addition of hinges will allow them to flip open for hidden storage for all those bath toys.


Maximize space by going to unusable areas below the sink, above the TP holder, or that tiny bit of space between the wall and the toilet. Shelving and storage cabinets that fit above, below, or between walls and fixtures will offer a home to all those bathroom accessories. And those space-hungry towels can be squeezed into a tiny area thanks to hanging hooks, towel racks, and swivel bars. Even if you’re budget is tight, you could still fix up yourself a new-to-you towel organizer with an old wine rack. And if packing shelving and drawers into your tightest corners still has you wanting more room — look to the bathtub. All it takes is a shower rod and some hooks to make a shower rod storage rail that frees up space while keeping things hidden behind your shower curtain.

If you’re wishing to have those everyday products within an arm’s reach, grab some rope and an S-hook to make a handy and thrifty hanging storage bin. Tie up a basket or two for larger items like towels or grab some plant pots or small bins to make a tiered hanger that can house smaller things like makeup and hair products. Now you’re everyday items can be kept in an arm’s reach while being kept out of the grasp of any curious toddlers. Perfection! And if you need an even high place to store things, find a cheap shelf and you can put it above the door.

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Now that you’re ready to start up new bathroom projects, go digging around with one key word in mind. Multifunctional. There’s not a lot of space in that tiny bathroom, so save space for things that serve multiple uses. A mounted shelf can incorporate a towel rack, hanging hooks, or a toilet paper holder. Even a ladder has a place in a bathroom thanks to wide rungs that can serve all your hanging and shelving needs. Whatever those bathroom needs may be, find things that can be used for multiple things so that your bathroom never falls short on organization, convenience, or cleanliness. Then you’ll be able to love the function of your bathroom no matter how tiny it may be.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 2.36.46 PMAsh Stevens is a gardener, a writer, and a fan of all things green. Her love for health and sustainability began with her journey into motherhood, and it’s grown exponentially ever since. She’s passionate about living a healthy lifestyle through gardening, cooking, and spending time outdoors. If she isn’t writing or reading up on exciting green trends, she’s probably playing Connect Four or swimming in the river with the kids. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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