Diary of a First-Time Home Builder

Chapter 3 – Taking Shape!

What big new developments have happened since we last checked in?

We have a roof! We have also done the pre dry wall walk through of the house to make sure that all the structural options have been placed. Siding and trim have also been put up and next step is brick and stone being put up.


Any big surprises?

How quickly everything has been finished has been the biggest surprise. Within a week it went from framing to having a complete roof. Also learned that once you reach a certain amount of bathrooms you have to have more than one water heater. This was something new we learned and that the water heater is in the attic space. The one that we have now is in the garage, which I thought was the standard for one-story homes.


Now that you can actually see the structure of your house what does it have you thinking about?

The first actual thought was how many cartwheels could I do from one side of the room to another (no cartwheels were actually done). When we walked through each space we were trying to figure out where our furniture would be placed.

Are you getting anxious to move in?

Yes, the days are moving pretty quick lately. We want to start buying things like furniture and other little things we will need.


What are you doing to get ready for the move?

We have slowly started cleaning out the house we are in now. This has been a good chance to get rid of or find things that have accumulated over the years. We have also been working with the lender to make sure that all our papers are in order so closing will go smoothly.

Have you had any regrets in this process?

No really regrets, more worry over the fact that the whole house will be tiled. Worried that it may be too overwhelming to see that much tile everywhere.


On a sale of 1-5 (5 being the highest) what’s your excitement level at this point in your project? What’s your anxiety level?





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MelissaWelcome to the diary of a first-time home builder. Meet Melissa! Melissa is building a custom home down here in the Houston area. Melissa is a total sport and will be chronicling the ups and downs of her home-building experience from the perspective of a home owning/building newbie! Every two weeks Melissa will answer a questionnaire and we invite you to submit your questions in the comments below! If you’re contemplating taking on such a project yourself what questions do you have? If you’ve built your own home and been through this process what advice do you have to give? What would you have done differently? Where did you compromise? What was the best decision you made?

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