6 Tricks to Make Spring Cleaning Less Painful

No matter how much you love a sparklingly clean home no one likes spring cleaning. Somewhere between scrubbing down the baseboards and dusting off the ceiling fan everyone starts to feel like this whole cleaning thing was a total insurmountable mistake. The goal is to push that feeling off until the very end and here’s six cleaning shortcuts to lessen the load and help you get the home you want!

1. No way you’re scrubbing those burners — try this instead

Getting rid of that caked on grease and grim is probably the most difficult scrubbing job in your whole house. Skip all that work with this easy overnight solution. Simply seal them in a plastic bag with some ammonia, head to bed for a refreshing night of sleep, and then enjoy your sparkling new stovetop.

2. Clean dusty window blinds completely in 20 minutes

Instead of going slat by slat and getting dust and dirt everywhere, take your blinds down (not as tricky as it sounds), and give them a cleansing bath in this simple solution. Leave them in the sun to dry, easily hang them back in your window, and voila! No more dust avalanches from these guys.

3. Power wash your entire outdoors

Of course, you can go along each side of your exterior scrubbing the siding and sweeping away the leaves, webs, and winter stains, but why would you want to? Save yourself valuable time, by tackling all of your outdoor and home exterior messes with a power washer. If you don’t have your own, borrow from a friend, or rent one for a day from your local home improvement store.

4. Stock up on microfiber clothes for all the dusty spots

With a feather duster or even a vacuum, you’re often pushing dust around more than you’re actually catching it. Show those dust bunnies who’s boss, with these colorful and capable rags, designed for easy and fast dust removal. For best results, pre-treat the area with a light misting, and then wipe it all away.

5. Use a pillowcase to dust ceiling fans

If your ceiling fan has been hibernating all winter long, it definitely needs a good dusting (maybe even a shovel). At that height though, you don’t want to take any chances—any escaping dust can fall around beds or couches and seriously set-off allergies. So how do you catch all that dust and dispose of it easily? Pillow cases to the rescue! When you’re finished, just toss your grimy helper in the wash.

6. Let the microwave clean itself

There’s enough cleaning to be done in the kitchen without having to worry about scrubbing out your microwave. Try this clever solution, to simply let your microwave clean itself. You can find all the ingredients you need in your pantry, and it only takes 15 minutes to do!

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