8 Decor Tips to Tap into Southwestern Style

By Hometalk

This summer, mix a little old with a little new, to give your home a fresh new face! If warm weather has got you thinking of sun-baked terra cotta pots, prickly green plants, and warm rosy hues, it’s time to get in touch with your inner cowgirl and bring some Modern Southwestern charm into your home and garden. You don’t need a full makeover to add get the look – just update some key pieces with these 8 styling tips, and you’ll be living it up in the warm weather in true desert dweller fashion.

1 – Decorate with Feathers


Project via Shannon @Bohemian Junktion

Whether they’re strung from the ceiling or arranged in a vase, feathers of all colors are an excellent way to highlight your sunny style. Buy a bunch from the craft store and add some gold glittering tips, to keep the look fresh.

2 – Add Busy Aztec Patterns

Southwestern Style

Project via Anam @Delicious and DIY

Aztec patterns add interest to any surface, and traditionally combine many colors to create a rich, textured design in your home. For a more modern twist, display some geometrical patterns in monochromatic hues, or with bright, or neon colors.

3 – Hang Faux Animal Heads

Southwestern Style

Project via Susan @Uniquely Yours or Mine

If you’ve got real antlers or an authentic animal head, that works too. But papier-mâché or clay animal busts work just as well, and they’re easier to decorate and lighter to hang. Check your local craft store for paper animal heads, like this cardboard one, to add some deep desert charm to your look.

4 – Bring in some Leather

Southwestern Style

Project via Angela @Number Fifty-Three

Leather details add that well-worn flavor that any true Southwestern paradise needs. Leather furniture is a great way to go, but because it can get expensive, try adding some small scale decoration with a piece of art or an accent wall detail.

5 – Pair Neutrals with a Pop of Color

The base of any true Southwestern look is a sandy, neutral hue, but to pump up the modern feel, add touches and pops of bright colors to your design. You can get this look by simply adding some bright details in paint, or by bringing in eye-catching art or bold colored textiles.

6 – Make (or grow) Some Cacti

Southwestern Style

Project via Devin and Tara @Salt and Pepper Moms

Cacti are a constant on the dusty desert horizon, so to give your space a hint of sun-baked goodness, make sure to add these little green guys to your displays. As easy as cacti are to grow and sustain, if you don’t feel up to the challenge, or up to the work, make your own faux cacti from rocks!

7 – Use Metallic Highlights (especially copper)

Southwestern Style

Project via Anna @Way of the Glue Gun

There’s something about metal details that brings out the cowgirl (or boy) in all of us. Think of it like spurs on boots, buckles on belts, or the bit on a horse’s bridle – metallic details are a must for the Southwestern look. Mix the staple with a modern trend, and go with a copper or rose gold hue.

8 – Cover your walls and floors in woven designs

Southwestern Style

Project via Becky @The Logbook

Woven rugs and tapestries are beautiful for any design, but they are especially appealing in a Southwestern setting. Bring in a rug covered in an Ikat pattern, or splashed with Aztec symbols, to draw your floor into your decor. For the walls, try weaving your own tapestry, or fake the look, with some simple yarn tying crafts!

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