5 Stress-relieving Thanksgiving Prep Tips

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Here’s 5 tips for decreasing the stress that Thanksgiving prep can bring. Follow these tips and it’ll be smooth sailing when it comes to preparing your Thanksgiving feast. You’re on your own when it comes to all the other kind of stress the holidays bring.


Plan Your Menu

There are staples and must have’s on every table across America on Thanksgiving. Now’s the time to assess what has to be on your Thanksgiving table and what can be swapped out for something new.

Get Shopping

Get out there and shop for your self stable items now. Getting that out of the way means that you only need to brave the Thanksgiving crush for your turkey, fresh produce, and other perishables. It also breaks up that shopping bill so that you don’t get a massive shock at check out.


Prepare for Failure

Yes, you heard that right. Something will inevitably go wrong; it happens. Think of your weak spots and all the ways things can just go sideways and make a back up plan. Have a jar of gravy on hand in case disaster strikes. Buy a frozen pie in case you forget yours in the oven. It might not be as glorious as you’d like but it’s better than being empty-handed. Thanksgiving without gravy is too big of a mistake to make. Your family will talk about it. Probably forever.


Slice and Dice

There’s a lot that you can do in the days before the main event. Prep as much as you can so that the day of is more about bringing everything together. Your day will be so much more enjoyable and your stress-levels will plummet.

While you’re at it, anything you can make ahead of time is going to make you’re life much easier. Pies, cranberries, soups, appetizers, salads, and many other dishes can be made a day or two in advance. Anything you can, you should.


If you’re hosting Thanksgiving and the work is completely overwhelming maybe changing the game and organizing a potluck Thanksgiving would make the day considerably more enjoyable. Not everyone likes having to prepare the entire Thanksgiving meal on their own and there’s nothing wrong with that. Plus, potlucks have the added benefit of trying new recipes and making new traditions.

If your family traditions already have you celebrating potluck style and you’re hosting make sure you’ve touched base with all attendees and you both know what they’re bringing. This is also your time to make sure that the entire plan is solid. If Uncle Frank insists on bringing the stuffing every year but what he really brings is soggy bread slop it’s time to make it right. Let him bring his “stuffing” and you make one as well. If he gets worked up just let him know that it’s nothing more than an attempt to explore the wide world of stuffings.


Prep for Success

Taking a little time now to get ready for the big day can be all you need to make it your most enjoyable Thanksgiving to date. Be thankful for your fortunes, family, and fun.

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