Be a Good Party Guest

When someone invites you into their home it should be considered an honor. Be the kind of guest that gets invited back by following these easy rules. When you’re invited over for a party or event there’s a few ways that you can make sure to impress your host. Follow these tips and make your host’s life a little easier.

iStock_000005757893_MediumR.S.V.P. & Attendance

Everyone knows someone that routinely fails to respond to R.S.V.P.s and even seems to think their antics are adorable and part of what makes them so quirky cute. But they’re not. When you receive an R.S.V.P. respond as promptly as you are able. It’s important to allow your host to make plans based on as accurate a guest count as possible.

Everyone also knows someone who’s never on time. Don’t be that person. Arrive at your event on time. You have no way of knowing if the host has planned meals or entertainment for specific times of the evening. Don’t roll in two hours late to a dinner; or worse, hold up dinner for the other guests because you haven’t arrived.

The worst of the worst is the guest that R.S.V.P.s but doesn’t show up. Everyone has an emergency from time-to-time that forces you to change your plans. That’s really the only acceptable reason to bail on an accepted invite. Most likely, your host has purchased food, drink, and favors for each of their guests. When guests don’t show up they’ve cost their host unnecessary money. It’s the surest way to ensure you are never invited back.

Offer to Contribute

When invited to a get-together ask your host if you can bring anything to the party. You might earn rockstar guest status if you’re able to bring that appetizer your famous for. But, your host may not need you to bring anything more than your sparkling conversation and if that’s the case make sure to comply. You can always bring a bottle of wine or spirits to thank your host for their hospitality.

Behave Yourself

Go and mingle and have a great time. Your host values your personality and presence so make sure that you’re part of the party! Get to know the room and the tone. If your host is trying to throw an nice light-hearted affair don’t bring up heavy, opinion-ladened topics like politics or religion. If your host was expecting laughter and frivolity and you’ve got everyone yelling and arguing over the state of the nation then you may find yourself left in the cold when the next party rolls around.


On that note, hardcore house parties from your twenties were amazing and should forever hold a special place in your heart but there comes a time where it’s no longer acceptable to crash on your host’s couch or barricade yourself in the bathroom when you can no longer handle the copious amounts of booze you’ve taking down. Don’t be that guy/gal.

Clean Up

Offer to help your guest clean up when everything is starting to wind down. Give them the gift of waking up in the morning feeling like they managed to pull off a great shin-dig and give the added bonus of not walking out of their bedroom into a party disaster-zone.


Return the Favor

A good guest is polite, courteous and fun. Enjoy your time a your host’s party or with an extended house stay. When it’s all over and done with make sure to host a party of your own. Repay the favor and learn how to be a magnificent host in your own right!

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