Easy Party Food Tips

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When you’re entertaining for the holidays nothing spiffs up a shin-dig like amazing hors d’oeuvres. It can be quite daunting to put together a delicious spread of finger foods to make everyone happy but there’s a really easy way to go about it. Here are several easy party food tips to keep you from getting overwhelmed and are sure to keep your guests pleased as punch!

Fancy Meats

Charcuterie, aka fancy cured meats, is an absurdly easy way to bring sophistication to your soiree! Even the tiniest of towns seem to have purveyors of fine salted, cured, smoked meats. Go find your guy and talk to him about the meats and what they pair well with what and before you know it all you have to do is arrange it on a board. Put a little out at a time so that you can refresh it throughout the evening. This prevents it from all being devoured in the first hour of the party but also keeps your food tasty!


Fancy Cheeses

The fancy meats co-pilot is the fancy cheese spread! Having a bevy of fancy cheeses on hand means that your party is officially swanky! Here’s another opportunity to make life easy on you when you’re hosting. A cheese plate is easy to put together. Find your cheese gal and ask her what would make a nice plate, what fruit to serve along side, or if there’s a fancy pants honey you should be drizzling over. It’s hard to go wrong with meat and cheese.


Stuff on Sticks

Who doesn’t love stuff on sticks?! It’s almost the perfect party food. Make a plate of mozzarella, tomato, basil stick with a drizzle of a beautiful reduced balsamic and a little olive oil and you’re in business! Another delicious combo is cantaloupe balls, mozzarella balls, and a little prosciutto. Crack a bit of red pepper over the stick and then drizzle honey over it. These are great party apps because you can do the bulk of the work ahead of time and make life a lot easier for yourself!



Crostinis are another great party food. Crostinis also make the perfect station food. Set up a small table with a basket of your garlicy toasted bread and set out little bowls and plate of your favorite toppings. A nice mix of sweet and savory for all the different palettes. Creating a station, rather than placing them out already constructed, prevents them from getting soggy and allows your guest to have a little fun!


Stuff in Cups

Small clear plastic cups allow you to make little salads and concoctions that are highlighted for their beautiful arrangement and easy portability for your guests. Make a delicious quinoa, bulgur, or tabbouleh salad. Layer a delicious shrimp cocktail or a grape, walnut, and blue cheese salad.



Mini Fillo Cups

Mini Fillo cups are great for parties! You can pack them with anything. They are another great pre-party prep app. Bake up the Fillo cups ahead of time and make your fillings ahead of time as well. Then you simply need to assemble them a plateful at a time as you need them. Try some filled with cream and topped with toasted walnuts and a drizzle of honey.


There’s so much party prep that can be done in advance. If you keep your ingredients simple and stick with easy to assemble apps then you can hardly go wrong. You’d be surprised how fancy your get-together can be with just a few easy party food tips!

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