Holiday Entertaining Tips

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Unless your name is Ebenezer Scrooge you probably really enjoy a good holiday party this time of year. You might even be one of those people that loves hosting a great get-together! But even the most seasoned Host(ess) with the Most(ess) could benefit from these holiday entertaining tips and reminders. Party on, my friends… party on.

Peppy Party

Holiday parties are supposed to be a festive occasion. Don’t let your celebrants sink into a food coma. Tis the season for jingle bells, not snoring. Make sure you’re serving a variety of delectable treats and avoid carbo-loading your guests. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love a fresh crudité or a delightful spread of charcuterie and cheese. While you’re at it, make sure that you have something for everyone. These days your likely to have guests who span the whole of the gastronomic spectrum. Have something for meat eaters, vegans, and the lactose-intolerant. You would also get bonus host points for labeling anything that has dairy or nuts in it.

Tip – Not every recipe requires bacon.



Keep it Coming

If you’re serving cocktails or any other assortments of alcoholic beverages it’s imperative to keep the food coming. As discussed above, you don’t want your guests getting a case of the sleeps but you also don’t want them wearing your table runner as a pashmina. Keep the delightful bites coming all night long and you’ll decrease the odds of having a bunch of Sloppy Joes crashing on your living room floor or calling taxis all night. While you’re at it… make sure that you remove and refresh your sensitive food items such as shrimp. You don’t want to be remembered for that one time you food poisoned everyone.

TipHonestly, if you poison your guests you will never live it down.


Have a Good Time

Don’t forget that in spite of your hosting duties you have to have a good time. Don’t stress, make sure you enjoy your company. Remember that you wanted to have them all over and show them a good time for a reason. Make things ahead, have a big batch of featured cocktail all mixed up, team up with someone to help you out so you have a chance to mix and mingle. Tis the season to enjoy yourself and all those around you.

Tip – Your guests want to spend time with you, they may love your canapés but they also love your company.



Clean Up

You can’t spend all night refreshing platters and drinks, mixing and mingling, and doing cleanup. There’s just not enough time in the evening. You might be okay with dealing with it in the morning but for most hosts there’s nothing better than waking up to a clean kitchen and a nice cup of coffee the morning after a great party. Consider contacting a staffing agency or cleaning company to see about hiring someone for the evening. They can keep up with the dishes while you host and when the evening’s over you can head to bed without the sinking feeling that comes with knowing that you’ve got to wake up to a post-party kitchen.

TipMaybe you have a babysitter or someone else you already employ that would love the opportunity to pick up some extra cash during the holiday season? When the evening is done, tip handsomely.


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