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Memorial Day is the day we set aside to honor the men and women in the US Armed Forces that died during service to our country. Over the years it’s also become an usher for the summer season and is often marked with celebrations and the first get-togethers of summer. Traditional menus sport hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips. We’re going to step it up this year with these amazing recipes!

On the Grill

Burgers are great but some times you want to show off a little bit and what better occasion than the first big cookout of the year? It’s time to set the bar. It’s time to show all the neighborhood grill masters that you’re not fooling around this summer and they’re all on notice! Consider getting down with some skewers. Who doesn’t like food on a stick? It’s a great grilled treat and everyone will be impressed with your mad skills. While you’re firing up that grill don’t forget your veggie friends. Grab a couple portobellos for the vegetarians and you’ll go down as a awesomely thoughtful host who can not only dominates with the meats but can also dance with the veggies. On that last note, there’s no reason that your grill can only play host to the main dishes. Plenty of sides can also shine when cooked on the grill and at a nice backyard BBQ the more grilling the better!

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No BBQ is complete without a couple of amazing salads. There’s something so fantastic about those super fresh fruits and vegetables when paired along side something cooked on a grill. They truly go hand-in-hand and the skies limit when putting together your menu. You can make them in advance and have the ready to pull out when the first items are coming off the grill. Many salads actually taste better when they’ve had a chance to sit a while!

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For The Sweet Tooth

Desserts for a BBQ should be easy to handle and nice and sweet! You can’t go wrong with strawberries at your shin-dig. When you’re outside soaking up the sun and drinking a nice big glass a tea, few things taste as absolutely refreshing as a nice sweet strawberry. They’re also quite versatile so they can make an appearance in several sweet options. If it’s a scorcher out make sure to have something nice and icy on hand. Make something light a refesh that won’t sit to heavy after your barbeque feast. And last but not least, make some bite-sized delights that everyone can partake in if that need that sweet fix but don’t need more than a bite.

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