Perfect Holiday Cocktail Apple Citrus Mint Spritzer

Are you looking for a holiday cocktail that will have all your guests feeling festive? The Apple Citrus Mint Spritzer is guaranteed to please! Chef Adrian Perez has concocted the perfect holiday cocktail! It’s easy to make, you can serve it warm or cold,  and you can make it by the glass or in quantities to please a crowd!


For the Cocktail

1 bottle of your favorite Moscato or Semi Sweet White Wine
1 cup Honey Crisp Apple Cider
2 large sliced apples
Thin zest  peel of one large orange
8 fresh mint leaves
8-10 cinnamon sticks
8 thin Slices of fresh ginger

To Dress the Glass

1/2 cup of  brown sugar
1 tsp peppermint extract

Put It All Together

Mix Moscato, cider, mint leaves, apples, orange peel, and ginger together in pitcher or punch bowl.

Allow to sit for at least an hour in the fridge if serving cold or in a pot on the stove if serving warm and keep covered. If serving warm heat slowly on the stove after the mixture has been sitting for an hour. Dip rim of wine glass  or mug in peppermint extract and water mixture, then in brown sugar. Throw some sliced apples, and seared orange peel in, and pour cocktail over! Take a mint leaf and snap it at the base. Stick the bottom inside the cinnamon stick and place upright in glass for garnish.

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