The Rules of Brunch

Whether it’s a formal family holiday brunch or a relaxed get together with friends these recipes will please any crowds.  If you’ve acquainted yourself with the event that is “Brunch” you know there are rules. You even know that there are different rules for brunch at a restaurant versus one at home. So to be absolutely clear we’re talking about a brunch at home. For the uninitiated these rules are for you. Adhere to these four simple concepts and you’ll be on your way to a successful get-together in no time!

Rules of Brunch

Rule Number One

Brunch is social. You don’t have brunch all by your lonesome. You can scramble up some eggs on your own, even go so far as to make yourself some delicious eggs benedict but no matter what’s on your plate, it’s just not brunch when you’re on your own. So, gather some family or friends and get a brunch on the books. It’s a great way to bring together people that wouldn’t necessarily mingle. Brunch in itself is a merging of breakfast and lunch and as you’ve seen they play together like champions.

Rule Number Two

Brunch is as much eye candy as it is deliciousness. Presentation goes a long way when it comes to pulling this off. Don’t get lazy. Lack of attention to this very important detail can turn your brunch into nothing more than breakfast. Not that there’s anything wrong with breakfast. But we’re talking about brunch. You’re going to have to step it up and make some yogurt parfaits or mini desserts to pull this off. Don’t start freaking out, you can outsource the mini desserts. We won’t tell anyone.

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Rule Number Three

Brunch is well rounded. It should be savory and sweet. There should be carbs and protein, as well as fruit and vegetables. Every guest should be able to find something they love. Everyone has the friend who can’t eat anything dairy… you’d better make sure there’s some bacon or sausage available. The beauty of brunch is that it can cater to everyone’s dietary restrictions without being restrictive. Be courteous to your guests and you’ll end up with major host/hostess props!
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Rule Number Four

Never, never, never forget that brunch is incomplete without some fancy beverages. Never. It is the only time that a cocktail is acceptable before noon and you should never fail to capitalize on that. The best thing about traditional brunch cocktails is that so many of them lend themselves to a sort of DIY cocktail setup. You could do a Mimosa bar with Champagne and a whole myriad of juice options. Perhaps you and your fellow brunchies are more the Bloody Mary crowd? This makes a great option because it allows your guests to personalize their brunch experience and again, you become Brunch Host Extraordinaire! While you’re at it make sure to have some variation of sparkly wonderment for the kiddos if they’re present.

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