Five Reasons to Love Your Vinyl Siding

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Are you concerned with your the cost, maintenance, or curb appeal of your current home exterior? Clear your mind of all of those worries by choosing easily installed and conveniently styled vinyl siding! There are many options for what materials make the best siding for your house, but vinyl is one of the most popular by far, and here’s why:

1. It’s Great for Your Budget

As far as siding costs go, vinyl siding is on the cheaper end of teh spectrum, usually less than a third of the price of stone or brick siding options! And unlike wood or aluminum options, vinyl installation is faster and less costly. Not to mention, you don’t have to consider painting expenses, because vinyl siding comes in a selection of over 300 colors!

2. You can paint it yourself

If you do tire of it’s color however, you can repaint vinyl siding yourself, with the right prep, instruction, and supplies. Use brand name good quality paint and paint between the seams so that none of the original color shows as the vinyl panels expand or shrink when weather changes.

3. It’s Super Simple to Maintain

Different types of vinyl siding boast different levels of durability, and with vinyl, if you want something specifically adapted to your home needs, it should not be too hard to find. This historic home on the New England shore got a cedar-impression vinyl siding upgrade for easy maintenance in an area so close to the water.

4. If it Does Get Dirty, It’s Easy to Clean

What do you do about the siding on the non-sunny sides of your house that get some mold buildup? For easy cleaning, use some Clorox Pro Results outdoor bleach that attaches to a garden hose, and then scrub with a long brush or broom, for sparkly clean siding.

5. It’s Quick to Fix

Vinyl is certainly not indestructible, but panels can be replaced and fit into existing siding without much difficulty. This Hometalker goes step by step, explaining how to remove damaged panels, replace them with spares, and secure your vinyl siding once more.
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