6 Diverse Ways to Give Your Home Wood Flooring

Brittany’s house came with a downstairs of wide plank heart pine floors, so when it came time to renovate her living room, Brittany decided that the carpet had to go and heart pine had to move in. But she was dismayed by the expense – until she found a deal on Craig’s List for the exact boards she wanted. The boards were reclaimed from the second floor of an old farmhouse just north of Oxford, NC in Virginia. The match was perfect and Brittany got to keep the integrity of the floor design in her home, and imbue her living room with antique warmth. Like Brittany, you can find the wood floor that’s perfect for you by getting some ideas below from these six ways to do wood flooring.

1) Reclaimed Wood Floors

If the expense of the project is making you nervous, look for reclaimed wood alternatives, like Brittany’s reclaimed antique flooring. You can use all kinds of wood for this project, including pallet wood, and get a completed look by putting a protective finish over your work.

Reclaimed wood

Antique Pine Heart Flooring via Hometalker Brittany

2) Solid Hardwood Floor

To attain the authentic ‘warm hearth’ appeal, give your floors an upgrade of gleaming solid hardwood. Lots of work goes into maintaining this traditional look, but the warmth and domesticity it lends to your home makes the upkeep more than worth it.

Solid Hardwood

Solid Hardwood Kitchen Remodel via Hometalker DIO Home Improvements

3) Engineered Wood Floors

For easier installation and upkeep, you can achieve a wood-floor look with engineered wood flooring. Though not as solid as the real thing, engineered wood does not share some of the limitations of solid hardwood, and the two look so similar. This  might be just the trick you’re looking for.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Oak Floor via Hometalker Edna

4) Painted Wood Floors

If you already have wood floors but you’re ready for a new look, let go of the natural and go colorful by giving your floors a new coat of paint. Try one solid vibrant color, or a pattern, like this checkerboard upgrade on a parquet wood floor.

Painted Wood

Painted Wood Floor via Hometalker Mom 4 Real

5) White Wood Floors

For a clean, neat design that will also make your space feel larger, try painting your wood floors a glowing coat of pure white. Imbue your home with beachy flavor, by getting rid of dark floor-to-wall contrast and giving your home a pristine paint job.

White Wood

White Wood Flooring via Hometalker Brenda M

6) Distressed Wood Floors

If you want a rustic, cottage look for your wooden floors, try whitewashing or distressing your them, and making them look more worn or aged. You can age or distress wood through a number of clever tricks, including sanding it or roughing it up a bit with a chain or heavy metal pieces. This look can work indoors or outdoors, like this whitewashed and distressed wood porch.

Your home should be you stability, so it’s important to feel comfortable with what your walking on. Try any of the wood floor ideas above for a solid surface for your home. Is a wood floor not your thing? Check out the Tile Flooring topic page on Hometalk for more flooring concepts and ideas.


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