8 Yellow Flowers to Give Your Garden a Glow

By Annie Thornton of Houzz

Yellow flowers are as close as you’ll get to capturing sunlight in the garden, as their petals glow in a sea of greens, purples, pinks or reds. Look to any of these yellow-flowering great design plants to add that ray of sunshine to your garden. Though most of these flowers bloom in spring and summer in sunny gardens, some prefer the shadier edges of the garden.

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Lady Banks’ Rose
(Rosa banksiae)

Roses don’t come in maintenance-free versions, but Lady Banks’ is as close as you’re going to get — it’s disease-resistant and generally left alone by aphids. Additionally, this is a thornless rose. Every spring, small slightly fragrant white or yellow flowers grow along arching canes 10 to 20 feet long. With a trellis, the canes of this shrub can be trained to climb up a wall or an arbor, or left to grow as an informal hedge or shrub.

Bloom season: Spring
Cold tolerance: Hardy to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 23.3 degrees Celsius (Zone 6)
Origin: China
Water requirement: Moderate
Light requirement: Full sun to filtered shade, but avoid areas with hot, reflected sun
When to plant: Spring or fall

See how to grow Lady Banks’ rose


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