Let’s Jazz Up that Patio or Deck Space

One of my favorite pass times is to go thrift shopping during the cooler months and a weekend at Canton is ideal for discovering fun finds. Thrift stores are another stop because you never know what you might uncover. I’m always on the search for canisters because they have many possibilities. I recently found this purple set that I just couldn’t pass them up after envisioning birds and flowers. I thought it would be fun to share how easy it is to upcycle containers, we’re giving them a new purpose while adding a little Jazz to a relaxing space like your patio or deck. Picture1

Thrift for Containers

It’s possible you may already have some old canisters around the house. If this is true let’s give them a new life; first wash each canister so they’re clean of dust and debris. If you don’t have anything around the house then you’ll want to start going to yards sales or thrift stores to find the right containers for this project. A set of three is great especially if they come in different sizes remember dimension is good and allows for multiple project concepts. Next you need to make a plan of what you want to create, for me that was easy because I love birdhouses and planters. An outdoor vase is another great idea for a centerpiece on your table; this would really brighten up your deck or patio without spending a lot of money.

Drill Bits

You will need a drill and Diamond Head drill bits, for larger holes you’ll want the diamond coated glass bit; these can be found at any hardware store. Ask an employee and if they don’t know what you’re looking for then find another person to ask. These bits can be found either in the flooring or tool drill departments.

Time to Drill

Drilling is pretty basic you want to make sure the space you’re drilling is clean and then mark with a sharpie where you want the hole. Use water or WD40 in your marked spot before you start drilling. This keeps the container from cracking and allows for a quick cut. I also set the container on a towel to keep it from moving. Start drilling slow and keep the surface moist through this whole process. Once you’ve established the initial cut you’ll be cutting through the glass in no time. Once all the holes are cut it’s time to clean the containers again and add the finishing touches.

Finishing Touches

Depending on what you create will decide what you use for finishing touches. I had some white rope for my hanging planter and I tried to keep it simple because the containers were already pretty busy. I wrapped it around the base and used it to hang with. Other options might be different types of wire and possibly a heavy ribbon would be nice. What you decide to use depends on what you want your project to reflect. I ended up with a birdhouse that I could drill in place onto a deck post, a hanging planter which would look great from under the roof eves and then of course something for the table. You could plant in this one or add fresh flowers. The important thing is to have fun and remember that just about anything can be upcycled into something new for the home; this could be for indoor or outdoor use. Remember always have fun creating and I would love to see what you come up with. Simply click on over to my Facebook page and share your project with me, I always enjoy hearing from my readers. Hope you all have a fantastic day!



CaroleWestCarole West is the founder and writer of GardenUp Green. She’s been gardening since she was a small child, learning from her Italian grandmother. Carole shares her all natural gardening techniques and projects on GardenUp Green so that readers can learn, discover, and be inspired. Carole has been putting together patio gardens and backyard escapes and has even ventured into small scale farming. She’s the co-founder and a farmer for North Texas Luffa. Her greatest reward comes from her family. Their love and understanding has helped her build an amazing and creative life! Check out GardenUp Green on Facebook, Hometalk, and Pinterest.

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