Plants That Can Grow Outdoors in Almost Any Climate

By James White of Homey Improvements

If you dream of a garden full of colorful plants that will thrive in the majority of USDA hardiness zones, this list is for you. To have a lush and varied garden, you don’t need an expensive climate-controlled greenhouse. You can grow these seven plants in almost any climate. Most are easy to care for and will survive cold winters and bloom in hot summers.


The hardy hibiscus hybrid is a colorful and popular tropical flower that easily thrives almost anywhere (USDA zones 4-10). They come in a wide variety of colors — from red, orange and yellow to white, pink and purple. They’ll keep their flowers throughout the entire growing season. Just be sure to give them plenty of water!



Euphorbia, commonly referred to as Spurge, will bring you joy all year long. When they bloom, they’ll show off their many beautifully colored flowers, and during the rest of the year, they’ll provide a nice, muted green backdrop. These plants, which are sometimes mistaken for cacti, can survive through all types of weather (USDA zones 4-9).


Hydrangeas grow practically anywhere and last from August to January, or maybe even longer. These plants are famous for their beautiful green stems and colorful flowers that are sure to add a perfect touch to your garden. There are different varieties of hydrangea so choose one that grows best with your zones but the majority will thrive in USDA zones 3-9.


Daylilies will bloom in just about any climate (USDA zones 3-9). They are easy to care for and tolerate drought well. When properly cared for they can produce hundreds of lilies over the summer but each bloom doesn’t last long.

Flower Carpet Roses

Roses are known for being fickle flowering plants but there are several varieties that have been cultivated to survive almost any climate. Flower Carpet roses are one of those cultivars. They are heat tolerant, disease resistant, self-cleaning and easy to maintain. They are groundcover bushes and produce beautiful medium sized roses of a variety of colors. These roses are suitable for USDA zones 4-11.

Pink Muhly Grass

These beautiful, whimsical ornamental grass can bring a host of color to warmer climates (USDA zones 6-10). Pink Muhly Grass is a perennial that can survive humidity, drought and poor soil. Its pink tips put on quite the show in fall and creates a stunning border on a walkway.


If you want lush foliage that will grow in any weather (USDA zone 5-10), give Stipa gigantean a try. It will change from greenish gold to a straw color in fall, and will be a reassuring presence in your yard for as much as half the year. And, it requires hardly any maintenance!

While it’s always important to find plants will work well in your hardiness zone and put up with your weather conditions, most times there are tricks to keep plants live that are just outside your zone.


James has been blogging for over four years about gardening and DIY home projects at Homey Improvements. He loves sharing tips on how to live a homey life on a budget. James left his construction job a few years back to write full time, though he still gets plenty of tool time working on home projects. On the side, he also enjoys cooking, playing Settlers of Catan, and binge-watching old episodes of Doctor Who. Aside from Homey Improvements, you can find James on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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