Wooden Accents Can Really Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

By Kevin Smith of Luxury Home Stuff

If you need your own piece of heaven, you can make it easily in your garden. With a little creativity the garden of your dreams is just one step away.

Whether you do it yourself or bring in the professionals make sure that you give your garden some personal touch. Your little piece of heaven should contain things you will enjoy in and what will help you to relax.

The best material to make your garden special is the oldest material people use for construction. Since man began to walk upright, and even before that, Wood was a crucial element of construction, and it remains as such to this day.

Wood is a great material to make your garden special for few important reasons. Wood is easiest to handle of all construction materials. Wood is cheap and with a little creativity you can even find it for free. Imagine how fun would be to make something really special, and when your friends ask you how much did you pay for that incredible thing, you can tell that you get it for free and that it wasn’t a gift, only a smart solution.

Wood fits with everything in any garden. It is most natural construction material, and any garden will look great with natural elements. It can be used for making big, or small stuff and either it will fit great.

Tools for wood processing are cheaper than other tools, and many people have it even not using it, so you can ask your friend or your cousin to borrow you the tool for a few days, someone must have it.

If you don’t have any ideas what wooden stuff you want in your garden, we are here to help you to find inspiration. Here is a list of 9 wooden items what will fit great anywhere. Here you can find inspiration and advice how to make wood masterpieces.

Wooden Chairs

If you don’t have time for big transformations, for beginning, this will be enough.This is one of many really simple wood projects. Wooden chairs are a great way to personalize your garden and not to make it too crowded.

There are few different ways of making those, and you can choose which style you look the best. For the most natural experience, just keep it simple.

Take a few wooden stumps, remove a dirt of it, polish them a little bit, but not too much, so you don’t lose the appearance of the natural look, and protect it with few layers of wood varnish, to protect the wood.

Take a little sponge and wrap it in fabric in your favorite colour. Hammered those pillows into the stumps, or glue it on it with a wood glue. There you go, that is your own personal wooden chairs and it last really short to get them.


We know that a bird house is not something that you will personally use, it still has its purpose. First of all, you will help those little creatures. That will also give some special, fairy tells touch to your garden.

If you have kids, that will use them for a lot of time, and that is a really good thing when you just want to relax and drink your coffee. If you don’t have children, you could use some company and song of these innocent beings.

If you are not a fan of birds, you can just skip this part and see few others ideas down.


The bench is a perfect thing for all romantic souls. Everyone has some sweet memory of some bench. You can keep a dash of that memory in your own garden and have something that will remind you of nice moments.

If you are not so romantic, you can just sit on it. There is no reason to not have one in your garden. It is a really good thing that you can make it in so many styles.

That will make it a perfect fit for any garden. Just a little creativity and your bench can be a really unique piece of art. this wooden item will really remodel your garden.


Your pet would surely like to have his own home. Even it enjoy around you, maybe sometimes your dog would really enjoy to get out of your home and place itself in its own empire.

His little castle doesn’t need to be Wonderland, but however you made it, it will be a wonder for your dear pet. You can make a regular shape of a dog house, or you can play a little a try something different.

Both ways, this will made one really nice detail for your home and it will give you and your pet a little more privacy and comfort. This is a simple wood project what will make happy you and your best friend at once.

Garden Gates

All castles have a magic gates as a reminder where do you coming in. Why would be your empire be different?

Give yourself a dash of royalty and made your gate magnificent, or just made them discreet, as modest doors on secret gardens, no one knows that behind those is heaven, and when they come in, they are truly amazed.

Even its look complicated this really is one of the simple wood projects.


If you have grown lower simple wood projects, you can try to make your own tree house. It will give your kids a real fun, it will bring you back to your childhood, and also it is the good place to crash if your wife has a bad mood.

It is important to make a good plan when you want to do such a big project, so you should pass, step by step, all elements what you are about to make.

The tree house is really a good way to make your garden gets its magic.

Flower boxes

All gardens need some flower, and many flowers need flower boxes. You can make it just about from anything. This Is one of the things you can recycle other wooden items.

It is easy to make, and it is hard to make mistake in doing that.


Jacuzzi will give to your garden a real dash of luxury. It is not so hard to make it as it looks like. It is a first step on having your own spa.

While you enjoy in your garden under stars, in your jacuzzi, made by your hands, you will really feel like you are in paradise.


When the sun is so bright that you can’t enjoy in your garden anymore without sunglasses and without fear of burns or when suddenly rain surprised you in a garden, you will understand why Arbors is on this list.

It is worth of invest some time and some wood in making  an arbor for your garden. It is a great decoration, and it is also something that is really useful to have.

Whatever you want to do for remodeling of your garden, wood is a great element. These great ideas show you how you can make your garden special with just a little time, patience and good will.

Wood will never go out of fashion, so advice you can find on Luxury Home Stuff  will always be helpful. Also, all the things you see here will help you to find inspiration how the garden can become a fairy tale.


Hi! I’m Kevin, voice of LuxuryHomeStuff.com, blog author, and passionate manufacturing engineer. This space is where I share D.I.Y tips, smart home appliances, stories of home-improvement and home-decor, and resources to help you explore an informed and compassionate relationship with luxury home stuffs.

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