5 Big Home Decor Trends for 2014

Home Decor Trends: Radiant Orchid

1. Home Decor Trends: Radiant Orchid

The first of our home decor trends is the Pantone color for 2014Radiant Orchid. Color gets the top spot because it will influence all areas of home decor. The overall color pallet will consist of muted naturals with accents of purple. Additionally, from the palest of blue to the deepest navy, the entire gamut of blue will be evident.

2. Home Decor Trends: Painted Trim


Next up in our home decor trends for 2014 is painted trim. Gone are the days of white chair rails, baseboards, & built-ins. Instead, painting trim and molding gives your space added depth. It also serves to make your space appear larger when you eliminate the contrast of colors.

3. Home Decor Trends: Geometric Prints


Geometric prints fall at spot number 3 in our list of home decor trends! A modern take on an old classic is stepping up in a big way this year. You’ll be seeing these energetic patterns everywhere! Furniture, accents and accessories, wallpaper, fabrics, and even floors will boast these geo designs.

4. Home Decor Trends: Patterned Flooring


Speaking of floors… a big player in our list of home decor trends for 2014 is patterned flooring and Parquet floors. Thanks to engineered hardwood we can once again appreciate the stunning look of the elegant and intricate patterns but now without the laborious task of laying the flooring one small wood piece at a time. This look goes beyond hardwood and extends into kitchens and bathrooms, mimicking the tradition of hand-painted tiles.

5. Home Decor Trends: Murals


Leave the wall decals behind and get serious about making a statement. Coming in at number 5 in our list of home decor trends for 2014 are murals, both wallpaper and hand painted, are the more recent evolution on the feature wall. Consider muted botanical themes or bold abstracts.

BONUS Home Decor Trends: Statement Light Fixtures


Statement light fixtures are going to be huge this year, and we mean that literally! From Contemporary to Art Deco and beyond, you can make a big statement and drop a lot of jaws with this completely stunning look.

What trend are you most excited about? Will you be incorporating into your design plans this year? Share your pics and stories with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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