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The biggest trend for bathrooms right now is creating a space that peaceful and spa-like. This can be achieved on almost any budget by employing just a few of the biggest bathroom trends for 2014. Neutral and soothing hues in blues, creams, whites, and grays compliment the spa feel strongly. There’s also several other elements that you can incorporate into your bathroom update.

Stone Tile

After capitalizing on the neutral color pallet the next trend to explore is soothing stone tile. Stone tile looks elegant and timeless and will show its age much less quickly than some of the other bathroom tile choices you can make. Stone tile accents as shown in the example help create a space that oozes luxury and provides a restful escape from the day’s trials.

Wood Elements

There may be nothing better than wood to create a space that feels rustic and modern all at once. As a resource its versatility is impressive and it provides so many opportunities to the homeowner to put their own style in the most intimate space in the home. From bamboo flooring to wood accent walls there’s so much potential available when incorporating wood into your bathroom design.

Dynamic Flooring

There’s a lot of humidity in the bathroom. There are certain types of flooring that are obviously better suited to the environment. The most popular and durable are ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl. There are several other options a home owner may want to utilize: bamboo, stone, glass, and cork. With so many options it’s possible to create a really dynamic yet soothing space that allows homeowners to capitalize on the particular resources best attributes. Stone can be a great aesthetic and functional option in areas that will get wet more frequently like the shower. Ceramic tiles are durable and are a very practical choice for high traffic areas.

Floating Vanities

A floating vanity and cabinetry allows for minimalist design technique which works beautifully in the bathrooms. If there is one place in your house that should feel cluttered, it’s the bathroom. For obvious reasons, bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in your home and a little clutter can go a very long way. Installing floating vanities with a lot of storage space helps keep you organized and your bathroom a tidy and relaxing space. Another bonus that comes with this trend is that when you expose those extra few feet of floor you create a space that feels much larger.


You can also see from many of the examples that stand alone bathtubs are currently very popular. While gorgeous remember that this trend could easily become a fad which may not be appealing to potential home buyers. If you plan to be in your home for a long time and you love this look than go for it. If you plan to sell your home in the next couple of years think twice before going for the grander singular trends that have the potential to date your home in very little time.

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