Kitchen Colors

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You can go as bold or reserved as you’d like in your kitchen color but you have to live with the results. Here are a few different ways to create a kitchen you can live with for years!

Classic Neutrals

You really can’t go wrong with neutrals. These colors endure from year to year. If you employ a neutral scheme in your kitchen you might find that your cabinetry, flooring, and backsplashes have aged more than your color scheme. Fads come and go but some things last and white and neutral kitchens have remained popular for ages. They’re easy to update with accents and don’t become as dated as bolder colors do.

Blues and Greys

Blue has been a harder to adopt color in the kitchen. Blue carries a lot of weight and hasn’t been considered by a lot of homeowners and designers; but that’s changing. Blues and greys have become ever more popular in the kitchen. It may be daunting for a lot of home owners to bring these colors into their kitchens on a large scale but as you can see in the example above the color doesn’t need to overwhelm the space. These colors, and other bold choices like red, make great accent colors. You don’t have to hand over every aspect of your kitchen to these colors.


The Yellow Kitchen

The yellow kitchen is almost iconic. There’s something so cheerful and inviting about the color and when it’s applied in the heart of the home it’s no wonder why the kitchen is often the gathering place in many homes. Well, it could also have something to do with snacks.

Yellow lends itself in ways that other colors can’t pull off. It doesn’t matter if you have white, black, or stainless steel appliances. It doesn’t matter if your cabinetry is a dark stately walnut finish or a more upbeat white, yellow works with all of it. Yellow is also a great compliment to the classic white and black checked floor or even a basic white tile.

Green Kitchens

Green kitchens are really good at balancing both masculine and feminine design qualities. Greens also pair great with wood tones. The color is quite relaxing and it also exudes cheerfulness. These attributes of the color make the kitchen a place that people like to gather and spend time in.



What ever kitchen colors you choose just realize that your inspiration can come from anywhere; your baby blue KitchenAid mixer, a bowl of lemons, the upholstery on your dining room chairs. Look around, consider what colors make you feel the most peaceful or energized. Figure out what feeling you want your kitchen to evoke and then find the color(s) that best represents it.

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