Ombré is the technique of blending one color hue gradually into another. It typically blends tints and shades of color from light to dark. Lately it’s been especially popular when it comes to baking and nail art. However, it’s always been a design technique for home decor and it’s making a fresh new appearance in multiple ways. Here are a few ways you can bring ombré into your decor.

Ombré Bathroom

In the bathroom, ombré can be present many ways. Linens, accent pieces and walls can be outlets for the technique but when implementing this into your interior design limit it to one particular expression to keep a classic look that doesn’t overwhelm.


Ombré Drapes

Drapes are a great way to embrace a trend without giving over to it completely. Ombré can be striking and bold or soft and elegant. You have a lot of options if you decide to incorporate it into your living spaces.

Ombré Accent Walls

Accent walls are another great way to bring the look into your home decor. If this look strikes you and you’d like to bring it into your home you may want to look for Ombré wallpapers or bring in professionals to do a paint job. This is a particular look that can quickly turn into a disaster if not implemented by a professional.

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