Princess the Snake Plays Well With Bookworms in a Luxe Library

By Becky Harris of Houzz

Looking at this luxe and comfortable room, I cannot help but think, “Hmmm … Professor Plum, in the library, with the … snake?” The most important, challenging and educational part of tackling this room for the designers at Laura U was providing a proper habitat for Princess, the homeowners’ beloved pet snake.

The second part of the challenge was integrating said habitat into a cohesive design in the Craftsman home in Houston Heights, Texas. In terms of nonreptilian functionality, the couple wanted to incorporate a chic way to display their favorite objects and provide comfy seating for guests.

Just in case the snake wasn’t enough of a design statement, they also wanted to incorporate one of their favorite colors, aubergine. I’m not sure how comfortable we ophiophobics would be in here, but the furniture and fabrics are sumptuous and inviting, and we could rest easy knowing there is a lock on Princess’ habitat, just in case.

What There Is to Love About Craftsman Style Homes
Challenge 1: A proper snake habitat. The biggest challenge was designing the snake habitat. “We had to learn quickly the equipment that would need to be included in the millwork design, such as proper heating lamps and space for ventilation,” says Laura Umansky, principal designer. “Also, the habitat had to be easy for the homeowners to manage — it needed to have an easy-to-open top for cleaning and for feeding the snake … it also needed locks in certain places, just in case.”

Working with Aquarium Design Group, the designers received an education in the proper size and elements required for a good habitat, and were able to create a wonderful warm environment where Princess could spread out and relax. It is fully integrated into the custom shelves. A lockable grille is secured atop the snake enclosure. Overhead there is a custom-designed ventilation grille for the heat lamps; it is easy to open for access to the habitat.


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