The Right Window Treatment for the Right Room

Window treatments for your home provide numerous advantages. From privacy to shade you can cater to the specific needs of each space with different styles that provide not only an aesthetic touch but fit all the needs of the room.

Different rooms have different needs. For rooms on the first floor privacy tends to be a greater concern; particularly if a given room faces the street or the neighbors. Rooms facing the garden or back yard may not have the same level of concern related to privacy but may have a greater need for shade. Check out some of the window treatment options for specific areas of the home.

For the Kitchen

A lot of the time the kitchen doesn’t actually require any sort of window treatment at all. Bright and airy kitchens are a good thing and there’s not a lot of activity in the kitchen that demands a higher level of privacy. For many, window treatments for the kitchen can be solely for decor! A simple valence may be all that’s require for most kitchens.


If privacy is a concern in your kitchen or you have portions of the day where you want shade from the Sun then you may want to consider Roman shades. Romans shades function very much like blinds do when they are extended but tend to block out light better and offer a different design element to the space.

For the Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom a window treatment that capitalizes on privacy is critical. However, blocking all of the light out isn’t usually desirable. The most practical and design friendly way to achieve the privacy you need while still getting natural light exposure is to go with a bottoms up window treatment.  These treatments allow you to adjust the shade to protect you and your family’s privacy while keeping your bathroom from becoming a dark cave.

For the Bedroom

Bedrooms obviously require privacy but they also have to be a space that truly facilitates rest and sleep. Blocking out as much light as possible is critical for bedroom spaces. There are a couple of routes you can go when it comes to the bedroom and there are multiple ways to achieve the needs of the space. Your choice comes down to personal preference and the decor in your bedroom.

Sheers and blackout drapes block out a lot of light and can be especially beneficial for sleep. Light pollution can wreak havoc on a good night’s rest and sunlight pouring through the bedroom window of a shift worker can make it really difficult to get adequate shut-eye. The combination of sheers and blackout drapes can be both beautiful and extraordinarily functional. Blackout drapes should be installed with a foot and a half to spare on each side of the window for maximum light blockage.

Much like black out drapes, interior shutters can also go a long way to block out light. This can be an especially good choice if you have smaller windows. They can be a really unique design choice but they’re limited by space. Shutters will influence what surrounding furniture you choose and the accents that fill the space.

For the Living Room

Living rooms can be a real wild card. Some require a lot of privacy and some need shade. Others don’t have either concern but do want to make a statement with how the windows play into the room’s overall decor. With those elements in mind, let’s throw in a couple other concerns.

Living rooms get a lot of traffic and there are a lot of people that don’t mind messing with the sheers or the blinds. We all know that most every type of window treatment has it’s own way of being handled and a specific way of being used. Not everyone adheres to perfectionism when opening and closing all the different types of window treatments. The more people around your windows the more likely you are to have someone jam up your blinds or tangle your cords. Especially kids. Consider the humble grommet. It makes it almost impossible for someone to wreck and they’re usually affordable enough to swap out when trends change or take in to the cleaners when junior wipes his sticking hands all over them.


You can also get a little high tech in the most used common areas! Check out these motorized solar shades that allow you to still get plenty of light, maintain privacy when needed, and also keep rooms cooler and reduce the Sun’s harsh glare. Motorized solar shades are also the perfect solution for rooms that have high ceilings with windows out of reach.

There’s a lot of versatility to be had when it comes to window treatments. Take a little time to really figure out what your room needs and you’ll soon be on your way to having the most perfect fit you could imagine!

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