White Kitchens

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Why are white kitchens so popular? There’s a lot of answers to that questions but overall white is timeless. It’s neutral, makes smaller spaces feel larger and look brighter, and it’s a great platform for homeowners to express their particular style and color preference with accents. It appeals to home buyers and can bring back more dollars to home sellers.

The bottom-line is that white works. It works in traditional kitchens, country and cottage-chic, ultra modern, and everything in between. White kitchens have great classic lines and feel refreshing. White is also a kitchen motif that can work with most any budget.


One of the things that white does best is complement. It isn’t demanding and quietly allows other visual statements make their impact. White cabinetry paired with stainless appliances opens up the kitchen to endless options when it comes to counter-tops, window treatments, backsplashes, and other style elements.


White isn’t cutting edge. It’s long-term popularity has made it the “go to” when it comes to Transitional decor in the kitchen. Embracing white when creating a Transitional space allows the homeowner to play with fabrics, linens, and floor coverings. Transitional decor can also represent when it comes to dining furniture.


While contemporary kitchens can be achieved with darker cabinetry and counter tops it’s hard to get the longevity you want as a homeowner when you go that direction. Modern and contemporary design will get a lot more mileage when you stick to white. White keeps the space crisp and clean.


Bonus: Color Pop

White is the ultimate neutral. If your favorite color or general style changes with the season then white is the way to go for your kitchen because you’re keeping the big price tag elements timeless and your getting change fix on elements that won’t crush your savings. It opens your kitchen up to routine refreshings that allow you to give your space a totally different feel whenever you need it!

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