Rustic Decor Ideas

Rustic homes and settings tend to have a lot of presence. They offer a warm welcome and comfort. If you’re considering incorporating a rustic look into your home place an emphasis on raw materials like wood and stone balanced with comfortable furniture to soften the harder edges. Here’s a few examples of rustic done right!

Rustic Kitchen

Kitchens are a great place to show off your love of rustic decor. They’re also a great place to highlight a particular regional rustic style. Cabinets are the best place to start in setting your theme and they’re going to give you the biggest bang. Rustic is a broad term for a lot of regional styles and the kitchen can be a great place to discover what look you really want to showcase. Check out looks related to a traditional lodge/cabin look or go further and showcase a Southwestern, Pacific Northwest, Mountain or Texas Hill Country style.

Rustic Bath

Using reclaimed wood in a bathroom can be a great way to go rustic in the bathroom. Using unfinished, worn, reclaimed wood can keep your smaller space (like a bathroom) from becoming too dark. Go further to lighten the feel by using plush, soft towels and linens.

Rustic Dining Room

Your focal point in a dining room is always going to be the table. When you’re decorating with the intent to achieve a rustic feel make sure you start with the table. Heavy wood tables with prominent knots are a good start. You can choose a lightly finished look or a heavily lacquered look depending on the type of wood you’re working with and the look you want to achieve. Round out the room with accents like a chandelier, table runner. wall sconces, and art. You can also dial up or down the level of elegance you desire with the the dining chairs. A more causal look might incorporate mis-matched chairs and a bench while a more formal look would be represented with matching chairs that balance comfort and style.

Rustic Bedroom

Let your rustic look in the bedroom shine through your accents. Work in wools and furs to your bedding selections. Compliment the space with art that evokes natural settings. This is another great area to work in a statement light fixture.

Rustic Living Room

The living room / family room is the best place to work in those comfy, cozy seating areas that really balance out the wood and stone that are hallmarks of rustic decor. This is a great space to highlight leathers and distressed metals. The living room is one of the best spaces to really incorporate your personality into your design scheme. All those perfect little finds at the antique shops can find their home in your favorite gathering space!

Rustic decor can’t be packaged up in one neat little tidy box. It’s a look that evokes a feeling and can be represented in so many different ways. If you love the rustic look don’t be afraid to jump in and don’t be afraid to do it your way. There’s no hard set of rules for rustic style.

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