5 Subtle Ways to Add High Tech to Your Home

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By Tiffany Rowe, Seek Visibility

Smart technologies are slowly revolutionizing how we accomplish everyday tasks. There is a smart device designed to help with nearly every activity, from exercising to ordering groceries, and it is easier than ever to build a futuristic tech-laced home. However, not everyone wants their living space to be floor-to-ceiling chrome with screens and motors on every surface. Most people are interested in the functionality of smart devices, but what holds many back from investing in smart tech is the fear of living in a sci-fi environment.

Fortunately, smart-tech developers understand this fear well. As a result, many outstanding smart devices are built to subtly enhance the home, blending seamlessly into existing décor. If you want the functionality of smart tech without the high-tech look and feel, these devices are for you.



Wearable tech has improved so dramatically over the past year that anyone around you could be using smart gadgets and you won’t even realize it. Smart watches are among the more obvious high-tech fashion statements, but they also provide the most utility, functioning like a more discreet smartphone by notifying you of calls and messages and allowing you to check important apps with the flick of a wrist.

There are even more modest wearables, including stunning rings, necklaces, and bracelets that passively track important health data. Some smart pieces are less expensive than luxury jewelry but as attractive and more functional than costly baubles. Ringly rings and bracelets are among the subtlest and classiest smart jewelry, but there are dozens of other options to keep you cool and connected in and outside your home.


mart thermostats are almost everyone’s introduction to home automation for a few reasons:

  • They tend to be easier to install and manage than traditional thermostats.
  • They improve a home’s energy efficiency dramatically, allowing major energy savings.
  • They can learn your temperature preferences for different times of day, creating the most comfortable environment for individual users.

Because smart thermostats are so popular, there are hundreds of models on the market. The Trane thermostat is among the highest rated for its sleek look, easy maintenance, and compatibility with additional home automation devices.

Kitchen Appliances

Smart devices don’t have to be items you use all the time, like wearable jewelry or thermostats. In fact, there are a few incredibly useful kitchen appliances with built-in smart capabilities. Smart ovens, like the Dacor Discovery iQ not only monitors food’s baking or roasting progress, but it can guide you through different recipes from the web or your favorite cookbooks. For tech in the details, you can even buy flatware and tableware that measure your meals, so you can stay accountable to diet goals. For example, the Hapifork pays attention to the speed at which you eat, while the Vessyl cup analyzes drink ingredients to better understand your liquid diet.

If nothing else, you should install a smart smoke alarm in your kitchen, so you can be aware of smoke and gas hazards even when you aren’t at home. The Birdi detector also monitors temperature, humidity, pollen levels, and more, so you can know all about the air in your kitchen.

Security Devices

Speaking of safety, smart security cameras are almost as popular as thermostats. Unlike home security systems of the past, smart cameras are affordable and easy to set up by yourself. Even better, many smart security firms have taken pains to make their devices as unobtrusive as possible, so you can be confident your home is safe without making guests feel like they are under surveillance. The LG Smart Security Wireless Camera is an incredibly inexpensive and stylish option that looks like a speaker or a small piece of décor.

While you are securing your home with technology, you might also consider adding smart locks. The August Smart Lock fits easily over your existing deadbolt, preventing anyone without digital permission from forcing entry into your home.


The best aspect of smart lighting is that you can install high-tech lightbulbs into your existing light fixtures to gain all sorts of exciting benefits. Smart lightbulbs are generally more energy efficient, and they allow you to use a device — including a voice-controlled home automation hub — to turn them up or down, which means no more leaving your comfy spot for the sake of the lights. Philips Hue Bulbs are easily the best on the market because they integrate with so many other smart systems and provide high-quality brightness and color.

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